13 December 2007

Random things...

This is the first page I've completed for my EOL project... OK. I know that the doggie picture is not Corky, but I have to go home and scan a Corky picture. Lovable Mr. Bailey will have his own entry later.

My fishy's name is Bori. I couln't think of anything better...so Bori it is.

Tomorrow I'm going home. Lol... I paid for my fall transcripts to be mailed off once my grades are posted. ^_^ In other news..the DrainPro or whatever didnt' work...My tub drain still isn't working. Sheesh....So I dumped another 1/4 of the bottle down the drain and I think I'll let it sit for a little while (think hours). I can't keep my tub clean if it doesn't drain well! It's driving me nuts...well i'm off to Brooke's for craft night. Tomorrow I'm going to thoroughly clean my apartment!! Now I'm vacating...the drain stuff stinks. :(
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Megann said...

Geoff's is having the same problem. I went over half an hour after he was done, and there was still water sitting there.