02 December 2007

New Fishie

I bought another fishie today...I haven't decided on a name yet though. He's pretty....It's funny...he looked lavender in the store, but now he looks a lot like Mr. Sushi. *sigh* lol. Maybe he was just pale, because Wal-mart doesn't take proper care of their fishies. Well he's got a better home now. More space...pretty rocks...a fake plant...and FOOD everyday! And not to mention cleaner water.

I need to name him though....any ideas??

I thought about Borealis...
or something Japanese
Hikari – light
Izumi – spring, fountain
Kaito – Ocean + soar, fly
Sora – sky
Yasu – peace
Yori –trust

Right now I'm leaning toward Sora. Any ideas?
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mrb said...

"Purple Fishie: Man of Mystery"

"Sora" through the water, mystery man, "sora" on.

This word verification thing down here is ridiculaceous! "sncvadzd," whatzahoozit?