07 December 2007

The Dreaded Finals

Actually, I'm not highly concerned about finals now. I am taking two tomorrow, but I'm not very worried. I have a 98% in Anthropology and a really high A in Physics too. They shouldn't be too bad. Neither one is cumulative. That being said...it's 8 p.m. and I'm still goofing off in whatever way I can. I cooked dinner, took a shower, baked cookies...and now I'm updating my blog. I really just want to scrap and watch movies with friends. ^_^

In other news my thesis research is coming along nicely. I'm quite please with my progress this semester. The cattle DNA I'm using in my research is over ten years old... that's some old DNA! So my graphs don't look as pretty as the newer samples, but I'm simply happy I can decipher them at all! I should have around 80 samples sequenced by the time I go home for Christmas...if all of them work. I only have 15 more samples!! I'm down to the moldy stuff now... I diluted them from the stock in the deep freeze. Literally...it might be moldy DNA. If any sequences don't quite look like the others...it might actually be because I inadvertently sequenced the mold's DNA as opposed to cattle DNA. Sheesh! I normally work in sets of 8 samples at a time, which means 16 per week. But since these last samples are questionable...I think I'm going to just do the last 15 all at once on Monday/Tuesday...and then repeat whatever doesn't work on Wednesday/Thursday. I hate doing that many at once, but I realllly want to get finished and go home!!

I'm really excited to wrap up this semester. It was my last semester of Animal Science classes. Goodbye Bumpers and hello Fulbright! I'm only taking 16 hours next semester...only 3 classes. AWESOME I took 5 (18 hours) this semester. It's probably good though...because seniorosis is kicking in. I'm seriously apathetic about classes now (hence I'm still not studying - maybe after this post I will). I would be perfectly content working on my research during the day and not having homework or studying in the afternoon. Research is fun. I'm always going, going, going...so busy...I really enjoy the silence and order of the lab. Plus I feel like I get something tangible accomplished every week.

Well, I just have a few really random thoughts left.

Congratulations to Brooke for passing Chemistry! WOOOOOOO!
Happy birthday to Heather and Myranda (not that they check my blog).
Goodluck on finals to everyone!
Finally, does anyone know of cookie recipes that travel well? I'm looking for recipes that would make it to Iraq (for my soldier penpal).

Peace and joy to all!

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