20 November 2007

Almost Thanksgiving Break!

I'm so excited tomorrow at this time I will be heading home!! In other news, I made it on 2 creative teams: MerCas Designs and Tara Dunstan Designs! Yeah! I'll downloading some of there stuff and burning it to DVD so I can take scrap at home too. Scrap time...aahhh. I haven't had that all semester. I've scrapped 5 pages in the last couple of days!!

In other news, I'm starting to worry about vet schools. My dreams are about all the mistakes I could have made on my applications. Yesterday in physics, one of my friends told me Kansas State had invited her to interviews via email. I'm so happy for her! I hope I get an email too... What happens if I accidentally wrote down the wrong email?? GAH. I guess there's not much point to worrying though...All that's left is the waiting part. If God wants me to go to vet school next year, then I'll get in.

Well I'm off to blow dry my hair ...and I suppose go to class. : D


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