31 October 2007


This week and the next are prime examples of crunch-time weeks. I've let things build up to last minute at the expense of my health...bad Katie. My Mizzou supplemental is due tomorrow at midnight! Yikes....I still have one more essay to whip out... the one about what makes me unique. AND I have a test today and one tomorrow (with a quiz) and a term paper due next week. AND this Friday is career day...so I'm going to have to miss all of my classes. GAH... I spent all of last night running back and forth between the bed and toilet b/c of nausea. Life will be so much better next semester :D

29 October 2007


Happy Halloween!!!
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22 October 2007


Ok...I felt like I needed a change. So I whacked off all my hair....The new style is not what I expected, but I think I like it. Maybe I should have simply purchased a blouse. Haha. My parents and friends like it :D

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15 October 2007


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Tufted Titmouse

I think this is a tufted titmouse...but even if it's not...I definitely saw one today.
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Carolina Wren? Perhaps...

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08 October 2007

Pictures from the weekend!

Oh my goodness....How can you resist that face???

OH! or that face...?

Mocking birds are so cool!

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This makes me giggle

I thinkMeredith will think it's funny too... :D Mer-bear, I hope this makes you smile!!!!

05 October 2007

Extracting, Quantifying....Fun times

I've spent the last 2 weeks extracting DNA from cow blood. Finally it's ready to be quantified!
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My birds!

Ok so they're not rare or anything...

Added to my eBird list: Northern Mockingbird and and a European Starling.
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