25 September 2007

There...I did it.

After a lengthy shortage of creative juices, I finally found inspiration within myself to scrap again. And no...inspiration did not come from the Calypso Cooler in my hand, but rather from a weekend of rest and relaxation away from the allergens of F-ville. I am certain finishing my VMCAS application also facillitated the return of scrapping mojo.

VMCAS is finished, all my references are in, and the $481 application fee removed from my bank... I'm hopeful scholarship will cover that. I only have 4 more essays to write before I am completely finished. I've finished the applications to 3 schools...3 to go. Kansas State even sent me a nice little post card stating my application is completed.

Classes are moving along nicely. I feel sorry for all the poor College Physics kids for whom this is the first exposure to physics. The professor seems very nice, but I think his explanations only serve to confuse students. I hope he gets the hang of explaining things soon. The skew for our grades is very high. I have a 113% in the class, but that's only because my physics in high school was very good.

(Meredith is awesome! Thanks for the E-card)
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