17 September 2007

Applying for Vet School is Stressful....

Applying for vet school is very stressful...I know, deep down inside, that everything will work out....The good Lord is going to take care of me even if it's not in the way I would have expected. Right now, pre-reqs are frustrating me. I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier... It turns out, LSU says they aren't going to accept a higher level biology in place of zoology like they said earlier. I still haven't given up yet, but it's very discouraging. Additionally, it occurred to me that some schools may not accept me AP credit as pre-reqs. How ridiculous would it be if I was rejected by all the schools because of pre-reqs? I guess I would just take one more year of college to get them, and get a business minor while I'm at it...and maybe a Spanish minor too. It would be completely ridiculous to have to take biology and zoology after all my Animal Science classes, comparative vertebrate morphology, and microbio. It would be equally ridiculous to have to take University Chem I after making an A in Chem II...and passing Organic Chem and Biochem. So those are the current worries. I know I should worry about it...it's going to be ok in the end.

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