29 September 2007

Hobby Lobby elements...

I'm in the middle of cleaning my room...changing sheets etc. Excuse the apparent mess.
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Teacups in the den

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My Bathroom

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27 September 2007

Much Better

Well, I'm feeling much better now. There's nothing like a good round of antihistimines, decongestants, and NSAIDs. ^_^ Now I just have to make it through this school year... How did I get so busy?? oh...I suppose I signed up for it all. Seriously...what was I thinking? Applying for vet school, pre-vet president, AFLS ambassador, thesis research, thesis writing, and a full course load? I must be crazy. I think I'll go to florida this summer....

Most of that is going fairly well. Pre-vet had a very successful first official meeting yesterday. Over 25 people showed up! I was very pleased! I'm hoping for a very successful year! I've realized that there's really not that much time to plan pre-vet stuff. I think we'll have no problem planning meetings...

As far as the application to vet school goes....I'm very frustrated and discouraged. I'm afraid I won't make it in anywhere. That would suck...but I guess it wouldn't be the end of the world. I've been thinking about what I would do if that happens. I think I'll take Zoology over the summer for sure. I think I might start looking into masters programs at vet schools. If I made it into a masters program at a vet school...I would be in good shape to apply for the next year (or following year) at that vet school. OR I could take some classes at UA or UALR....maybe get a minor in business, spanish, or biology...OR I could get my masters here. I don't think it would take all that long. I'd probably just extend my current thesis into a masters thesis...add liver cultures to it or something. That could be fun...COME HERE COW! I want your liver...

Whatever happens though... I AM NOT GIVING UP. If I get rejected after getting a masters, I'll go to Ross University. So there.

25 September 2007

Not so much...

Well...I think I caught the crap that's going around. I normally don't catch it...but this year I think I did. not feeling so well.... stuffy, headache, shaky, sweaty, a little queezy...You know the drill...standard flu-like symptoms. Cheers.
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There...I did it.

After a lengthy shortage of creative juices, I finally found inspiration within myself to scrap again. And no...inspiration did not come from the Calypso Cooler in my hand, but rather from a weekend of rest and relaxation away from the allergens of F-ville. I am certain finishing my VMCAS application also facillitated the return of scrapping mojo.

VMCAS is finished, all my references are in, and the $481 application fee removed from my bank... I'm hopeful scholarship will cover that. I only have 4 more essays to write before I am completely finished. I've finished the applications to 3 schools...3 to go. Kansas State even sent me a nice little post card stating my application is completed.

Classes are moving along nicely. I feel sorry for all the poor College Physics kids for whom this is the first exposure to physics. The professor seems very nice, but I think his explanations only serve to confuse students. I hope he gets the hang of explaining things soon. The skew for our grades is very high. I have a 113% in the class, but that's only because my physics in high school was very good.

(Meredith is awesome! Thanks for the E-card)
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19 September 2007

More from my 21st

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My 21st

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Is he a who or a that?

After much debate and a little research, I have decided that Luigi, Bailey, and Corky are all whos as opposed to thats. They are named individuals who have unique personalities. The Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar agrees. Therefore, I am rejecting the suggestion given by so many who proof-read my vet school application to refer to Corky as that. He was the first dog who captured my heart, who loyally defended me for 11 years, and who perhaps initiated my interest in veterinary medicine. Grammar police do as you will.

17 September 2007

Applying for Vet School is Stressful....

Applying for vet school is very stressful...I know, deep down inside, that everything will work out....The good Lord is going to take care of me even if it's not in the way I would have expected. Right now, pre-reqs are frustrating me. I don't know why I didn't think of this earlier... It turns out, LSU says they aren't going to accept a higher level biology in place of zoology like they said earlier. I still haven't given up yet, but it's very discouraging. Additionally, it occurred to me that some schools may not accept me AP credit as pre-reqs. How ridiculous would it be if I was rejected by all the schools because of pre-reqs? I guess I would just take one more year of college to get them, and get a business minor while I'm at it...and maybe a Spanish minor too. It would be completely ridiculous to have to take biology and zoology after all my Animal Science classes, comparative vertebrate morphology, and microbio. It would be equally ridiculous to have to take University Chem I after making an A in Chem II...and passing Organic Chem and Biochem. So those are the current worries. I know I should worry about it...it's going to be ok in the end.

16 September 2007

New Clothes!

I bought 2 new shirts and a new pair of jeans! I'm such a goober...
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I cooked dinner

I really like my salad dressing :D
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04 September 2007

Dying Begonias and Bleeding Thumbs...

Ok...so I guess I'm not in the best mood right now. I had a wonderful weekend, but I ended it by gashing my thumb open with a knife while trying to open a package. At least the knife was brand new and produced a very clean cut. It bled for a little while, but I didn't feel it was necessary to go to the emergency room. It hurts, but hopefully will heal well since I'm taking care to clean it and treat it with antibiotic ointment. It was a pretty deep cut. I imagine I got fairly close to the bone. That sucks. I waited 2 hours as a walk in appointment at the health center just to have a nurse tell me keep it clean and if it turns red, swells, or produces heat come back for antibiotics. Yay. You can't see it in the picture...because I'm wearing a bandaid, and taking a picture of a nasty cut is just wrong anyway.

In other news...my begonia appears to be dying. I'm bringing it in with the hope I can nurse it back to health. But...it isn't looking good...

I figure those are fairly symbolic of my mood... Bleeding thumb and dying begonias.
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