04 August 2007

Progression of Fungus-Face

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Lu has a ring worm infection (or maybe another fungus)...poor guy. It started as just a few bumps...and then progressed to a series of nasty, bloody lesions. Oh, my poor, poor fungus face....I'm treating him with a topical antifungal and lidocaine (in hopes he doesn't rub it all over the house) as well as oral antibiotics so he doesn't get an infection on top of the fungus. Hmm the antibiotic is Cephalexin which is used to treat skin infections in dogs...So maybe the vet isn't sure if it's fungal or bacterial. Either way...the oozing lesions would be likely to become infected anyway.


Meg said...

Aww, poor Luigi! So if I petted him there (can't remember if I did or not), is there a chance I could accidentally give it to Grace?

kiwi said...

once an animal has a fungus, it is very contagious if untreated once its being treated it is not contagious. you should clean the fungus twice daily with betadine( iodine) before putting the topical cream on. make sure you clean the sleepiing area of the animal with bleach or a disinfectant. also if he has a blanket wash it regularly as well. once the fungus is being treated and you are disinfecting areas it can't live. The problem is not cleaning and the spores reproduce and stay alive and re-infect you or other animals.I once adopted a cat off someone giving it away on the net, it came through messenger service and was really sick,I got sucked in majorly there. took it to the vets and it had phneumonia,cost me an arm and a leg- also he didn't diagnose its bald patches and shrugged them off and we had it in our house and got infected with tinea ringworm. my daughter had a bald patch in the back of the head and it took months to grow back, with pills and expensive trips to the dermotologist who told me to get rid of the cat first thing. It was infested and we have other animals and I took it to an animal association explaining I got taken in and my daughter had a bad case of ringworm and I wasn't risking having it around her after that.Now I have a puppy with a fungus on its face , it is not ringworm but it is being treated twice daily. the thing is to get onto it quickly.once you do there is no problem at all. well good luck I hope the poor thing gets better soon.