01 August 2007

The Naughty Me...the Wonderful Luigi

I was really naughty today. Yup...I did what I always joked with my parents about....I brought home a dog. He meets my approval...

And George's...and mom's (she's sitting next to George)

Megann fell in love too....how can you not?

Mary Beth loves him...she came over just to meet him.

Luigi is a corgi-mix that was found on the side of the road. I fell in love almost at once...and when the animal control came to pick him up from the clinic...I told them they could take the other dog, but this one stays. I had him vaccinated and checked up. Heartworm and intestinal parasite free! He must have been someone's pet...but to let him walk around without a collar and un-neutered is just irresponsible. And he can't have better fortune than to find a home with me and my family...esp since I get a discount at a vet clinic. He's the most loveable dog!! I just adore him. Lu is really humble too...which is good. Hopefully old Mr. Bailey will adjust soon.
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