31 August 2007

Home for the Weekend

I've survived the first two weeks of class...although it feels like only a couple of days. Now I'm sitting at home, watching Lord of the Rings with my dog at my feet. Wonderful, wonderful movies! Perfect!

Poor Luigi got neutered and chipped today! It was a bad day. He's all swollen where...um...they used to be. He also has a shaved spot on his leg and back. Poor little ragamuffin. Every chance my parents get, they bring up how you should always have more than one dog...how Bailey and Lui play every morning. Their tactics are working...I don't know if I have the heart to take him away from Bailey. But I really want him too.

I also got my pottery back. It isn't quite what I imagined, but it is still pretty.

Pictures later if I feel like it.

1 comment:

mrb said...

After Roscoe got the "man treatment," he just stayed on the floor, staring hopelessly off into space, for hours. He could not be tempted with food or pets or love of any kind...he was forlorn, despondent, and drugged. Oh, sad day, oh sob, oh sigh. Such is the way of the man beast when unwittingly robbed of his masculine treasure...

P.S. I like the red shirts (ooolala spicy spicy) and I also think that pictures of nasty cuts are-- kinda cool. :D Love you, friend.