16 August 2007


I'm officially moved into the apartment :D. It's looking pretty cute. My room is great! It's still so early in the school year, my room is clean and uncluttered. I've gotten a lot finished the last two days. I put up 3 curtain rods (lots of drilling!), assembled my shelf, put away all my clothing and stuff, set up internet, purchased football tickets, purchased a parking permit, and hung the pictures. Most of the time the apartment is fairly quiet. I still need to buy a fan though...sometimes neighbors play their music loudly and I think a fan would help drown it out. I still have so much to do... *big sigh* I can't wait until I get my planner. I'm going nuts without it.

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mrb said...

boogy wonderla-and ha ha dance! boogy wonderla-and

love you