31 August 2007

Home for the Weekend

I've survived the first two weeks of class...although it feels like only a couple of days. Now I'm sitting at home, watching Lord of the Rings with my dog at my feet. Wonderful, wonderful movies! Perfect!

Poor Luigi got neutered and chipped today! It was a bad day. He's all swollen where...um...they used to be. He also has a shaved spot on his leg and back. Poor little ragamuffin. Every chance my parents get, they bring up how you should always have more than one dog...how Bailey and Lui play every morning. Their tactics are working...I don't know if I have the heart to take him away from Bailey. But I really want him too.

I also got my pottery back. It isn't quite what I imagined, but it is still pretty.

Pictures later if I feel like it.

19 August 2007

16 August 2007


I'm officially moved into the apartment :D. It's looking pretty cute. My room is great! It's still so early in the school year, my room is clean and uncluttered. I've gotten a lot finished the last two days. I put up 3 curtain rods (lots of drilling!), assembled my shelf, put away all my clothing and stuff, set up internet, purchased football tickets, purchased a parking permit, and hung the pictures. Most of the time the apartment is fairly quiet. I still need to buy a fan though...sometimes neighbors play their music loudly and I think a fan would help drown it out. I still have so much to do... *big sigh* I can't wait until I get my planner. I'm going nuts without it.

12 August 2007

04 August 2007

Progression of Fungus-Face

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Lu has a ring worm infection (or maybe another fungus)...poor guy. It started as just a few bumps...and then progressed to a series of nasty, bloody lesions. Oh, my poor, poor fungus face....I'm treating him with a topical antifungal and lidocaine (in hopes he doesn't rub it all over the house) as well as oral antibiotics so he doesn't get an infection on top of the fungus. Hmm the antibiotic is Cephalexin which is used to treat skin infections in dogs...So maybe the vet isn't sure if it's fungal or bacterial. Either way...the oozing lesions would be likely to become infected anyway.

01 August 2007

The Naughty Me...the Wonderful Luigi

I was really naughty today. Yup...I did what I always joked with my parents about....I brought home a dog. He meets my approval...

And George's...and mom's (she's sitting next to George)

Megann fell in love too....how can you not?

Mary Beth loves him...she came over just to meet him.

Luigi is a corgi-mix that was found on the side of the road. I fell in love almost at once...and when the animal control came to pick him up from the clinic...I told them they could take the other dog, but this one stays. I had him vaccinated and checked up. Heartworm and intestinal parasite free! He must have been someone's pet...but to let him walk around without a collar and un-neutered is just irresponsible. And he can't have better fortune than to find a home with me and my family...esp since I get a discount at a vet clinic. He's the most loveable dog!! I just adore him. Lu is really humble too...which is good. Hopefully old Mr. Bailey will adjust soon.
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