23 July 2007

An official Post

Well, I haven't updated in awhile, but not much has changed. I still don't have my vet school application finished...although I've officially asked Dr. LaVergne if he would write a recommendation for me. He said he would, now I'm just waiting for him to finish it. I think I'm going to ask Dr. Powell and Dr. Jack to write my other two. Dr. LaVergne has seen me with small animals...Dr. Jack with horses...and Dr. Powell from a leadership/academic perspective. *Sigh* I guess I should give them some warning, and I need to finish my part of the application. I want to have it finished and turned in by my 21st b-day.

Work is still work. It seems like there has been more sick animals this year than last. On Friday, 2 animals passed away, and today we had 1. It's always so sad, but Dr. LaVergne does everything he can for an animal before euthanizing it. I think he's more aggressive seeking treatment with animals than other veterinarians...which means fewer animals die preventable, premature deaths. Very good indeed.

In other news, I finished the last installment of Harry Potter. It featured some very interesting twists and was highly entertaining. I recommend reading them all. Such a good story...

Cheerio! It's bed time for me. I have to work (as usual)

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