22 June 2007


This gourd is doing better than all the others...It has dried up or been attacked by dad with the lawnmower. Lol...Although I noticed something has been nibbling at it's leaves.

I'm really tired this week. I've put in 41.33 hours this week and I have to work tomorrow as well. I hope Dr. LaVergne realizes I'm working overtime. I'll probably get 6 hours time and half this week. whoops. But the main vet assistant needed some time off so I filled in. I'm glad they trust me with so much responsibility. I'm definitely ready for vacation though. Gah...I really need to finish working on my vet application. I really don't want to save it all for the beginning of the school year. I think the next section I want to finish is the animal exp section. It might take a while...

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