27 June 2007

22 June 2007


This gourd is doing better than all the others...It has dried up or been attacked by dad with the lawnmower. Lol...Although I noticed something has been nibbling at it's leaves.

I'm really tired this week. I've put in 41.33 hours this week and I have to work tomorrow as well. I hope Dr. LaVergne realizes I'm working overtime. I'll probably get 6 hours time and half this week. whoops. But the main vet assistant needed some time off so I filled in. I'm glad they trust me with so much responsibility. I'm definitely ready for vacation though. Gah...I really need to finish working on my vet application. I really don't want to save it all for the beginning of the school year. I think the next section I want to finish is the animal exp section. It might take a while...

13 June 2007

Not a good day for my gourd plants

Today was obviously not a good day in the life of my gourd plants. As you can see from the pictures...Plants 1 and 2 desicated. No bueno. Plant 1 was 8cm last night. Poor thing. Plant 3 is still just a seedling...I'm hoping it will spout soon...It has roots already. Plant 4 I am proud to say is doing well. Lol...I'm glad at least one is doing well. Aunt Kim said you just plug them in the ground, water them every once in awhile, and leave them alone. Well I guess that work for a cooler area. Hmm, maybe next time I'll try to give them an adjustment period before such a rude awakening to Arkansas heat. Poor things. Maybe their roots are still alive. I'll water them for a couple of days to see. I accidentally broke off plant 5's leaves while planting it. I'm hoping it will be ok anyway. Plant 6 is a seed I just plugged in the ground. Wouldn't it be cool if plants 1 and 2 looked good as new in the morning? I can hope, right?

In other news...today was a fairly good day at work. I worked very hard cleaning the clinic since we had no appointments. AND Dr. LaVergne hired an assistant for me. How cool is that! Today was a perfectly good day for getting out on time, but unfortunately the kennels weren't ready...Bleh...I had my part completely finished, but I had to go pick up some slack. Oh well. I'll train my "assistant" to work hard and get everything done on time so we all can get out on time. I'm sure the two of us together can get things done to get out on time. >-)

12 June 2007

Pretty things

Pretty flowers outside ^_^
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My Gourd Garden (To be...)

Grow! Grow! Grow! I planted 6 seeds/seedlings. I hope they all grow and produce lots of gourds :D
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More Gourd Seedlings

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My Little Gourd Seedlings

Grow little seedlings! I thought I planted 1 seedling in each cupcake holder...Somehow I must have planted 2 in one. So 6 in all. 5 out six grew. Hehe, of course the only one that didn't grow was the one of two seeds that Aunt Kim gave me for the Martin house gourd. I'm going to retry it with the last seed... All the others grew though! The fifth seedling has roots but hasn't surfaced yet ^_^ I planted them today! Grow little guy! Stretch up to the clouds!! I think this one is the biggest. I decided to plant most of them away from a fence...because I want them to have flat bottoms for vases/ baskets etc.