03 May 2007

Last Day of class completed

I've officially finished my last day of class for this semester! So far I know I have As in parasitology, Animal Physiology II, Honors Thesis Proposal, Sheep Production, and in the Ambassador Internship. I hope I got an A in Horse Production...History and Biochemisty are still in the air. Tomorrow is Dead Day...wonderful. I'm going to sleep in!! And do a good bit of studying! I need to rework all my biochem problem sets...and Write an outline to 3 essays. I think that's manageable. On Sunday, I have to write an essay. I feel like I can handle this!

Biochem final is at 7:30 AM on Saturday (bleh..who schedules exams on Saturdays... :P )
History is on Monday at the reasonable time of 12:30 until 2:30...

Then I'm FREE until May 12...when I have to work at graduation. BUT I'm free to do whatever I want until then ^_^ Party? Or catch up on all the scrapping? *shrugs* Ah....Free time

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