07 May 2007


Well..the school year is finished. Grades have yet to be posted on ISIS...but I'm very hopeful that the only class I made less than an A in is Biochemistry. I feel fairly good about the rest of my classes. I'm positive I made an A in Thesis Proposal, Sheep Production, Parasitology, Ambassador Internship, and Animal Physiology. I've done really well so far in History and Horse Production..but I'm not sure how I did on the tests in those classes the week after Nannie died. I could have Bs in those as well, but I really hope not. I suppose I'm *slightly* obsessive over my grade...but anyway...Here's my analysis of potetial GPA scenarios. I currently have a 3.925 GPA...If I made 1 B this semester it drops to 3.909...2 - 3.878....3 - 3.848....If I make 3 Bs this semester it knocks me out of the running to graduate Summa Cum Laude...which would make me very sad. Any of the other scenarios I can still graduate Summa Cum Laude...as long as I take over 18 hours and make all A's, but considering I have 0 chemistry left and 0 math left...maybe I can manage. Ok...obsessing about GPA completed...sorry to whine.

Good news! I sold back 2 books today and got about $85. Wonderful! $2 has already been spend on a candy bar and a cappucino. Shopping anyone? I need to buy 3 presents...one for Mother's day, 1 for mi hermanito's b-day, and 1 for Grandpa Burt's Birthday... I figure I'll spend it on gifts...Unfortunately I have no idea what each of those people want. Haha..I'll figure something out. Hmm..maybe the Great Burt Project (which is a mystery...bum bum bum) will be his gift. I just gotta get on the ball working on it. Hmm...shall I recruite Megann to help? If I have any leftover money...I'll probably buy Chase dinner when he comes up to see me etc. I still have one more thing I want to buy him too...harumm harummm. I want to go shopping now...but I think I'll goof off for the remainder of the day!! NO MORE SCHOOL!! NO MORE SCHOOl! 3 out of 8 years of college etc. finished!!! Only 5 more to go... >-)

Cheerio and goodluck on wrapping up the school year etc. Have good days at work! <3

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