02 May 2007

Feeling bettter - The Good and the bad

.... Credits

Life is starting to feel manageable again. Dr. Kumar was very helpful when I went for help on the homework set. I also learned that he rounds a 89.1% up to a 90%. Wonderful! I need a 92% on the final to get an A. He said that the final will only consist of problems similar to what was on the problem sets and will have about 10 points of bonus. *Maybe* I'll be able to weasel through with an A... So that was encouraging. Horse production and history are really the only 2 I'm unsure about. It's too late to change anything about horse prod. now, but I think I'm ok in that class. The last test in history is worth over %42 of our grade...but I think that will be ok too. So...everything is manageable school wise.

So the bad news. Within the last year, one of George's Friend's mothers was diagnosed with cancer. Her condition has steadily declined since then, and she was hospitalized this week because 1 of her lungs collapsed. She has a son George's age and a daughter who is a year older than me. It's just so sad. So, those of you who pray, please keep this family in your prayers. I hope that the mother is completely healed.

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