06 May 2007

End of the School Year...Pre-furniture pictures

So Megann and I finally have our apartment. ^_^ It's a college student's standard apartment featuring all hand-me-down furniture, a tiny kitchen, and funky floor plan and cabinetry. But we like it. I wish I was going to live in it right away as well so we could get it arranged in a way happy to the both of us, but I'm sure we'll be fine when I move in next August. We thoroughly cleaned all the cabinets and drawers, lined them, swept and mopped, and did *lots* of unpacking and moving furniture...etc. The linoleum is a bit old, but the carpet is brand new! It'll feel pretty good when it's all arranged etc. I still plan of cleaning the couch...hmmm..
How does one clean a couch? Some spray and scrub thing? Maybe Uncle Bo will bring down the steam cleaner... harrrumm...
I think I'm just going to transfer most of my bedroom stuff from home to the apartment bedroom. Red and white...New bedroom color scheme I think. Random^_^ I wonder what Mom will fill my old room with?

Our little Kitchen - It's funny...all the cabinets seem to open opposite of what they should.

View from the entry.

My bathroom

Big BUTT-ed dog!
And now a message from Mr. Bailey. Steak!!! He's got his eyes glued to the grill.

In other news...I have a 4-6 page essay to write tonight, but yet I'm updating my blog. Also, I miss Chase, but I'll get to see him on Wednesday!
I'm almost finished with school for this year! Man, do I look forward to summer break!!!! Whoa! I just have the one test in history left and then I'm finished for the year. Hopefully, I managed all A's in everything except for biochemistry. *hopes* I really want to keep the GPA above 3.9...maybe I'm being to hard on myself. Oh well... *Considers working on paper* mmm...I really don't want to do this paper...bleh. The paper is part of my history test tomorrow... The test will have 4 parts: a map part, 2 essays, and an essay on the books that can be written before hand if we so please. I figure it would be a good idea to do it ahead of time...it will be challenging enough fitting the two other "well thought out" essays and the map part in less than 2 hours. I'M GOING TO REMEMBER WISCONSIN THIS TIME! Maybe I'll watch an episode of Mai Hime and then start the paper...That sounds like a good plan. Too bad I can't watch it *while* working on my paper. Or maybe I should make Mai-Hime a reward for doing good work...Positive reinforcement for a good behavior. katie-training. Or not...someone should squirt me with a water gun when I stop working on the paper...or rather until I start. Or not...

Cheerio! Goodluck on all finals, papers, driving, school-stinking events etc. I should really do something other than babble now..

Did I mention I miss Chase and want to see him ASAP? Because I do...

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