30 May 2007

Doe Run Inn

We all stayed here for 1 night...Mom and Dad stayed for 3 nights. It's a 200 year old inn. All the floors are all crooked and creaky... I don't think there's a right angle in the place ^_^

Fun times

Recent Journey

I can't seem to get Picassa to upload pictures + blog anymore. Finicky thing. Blogger work it out!!! Anyway...pictures later...if we're lucky

My family, Chase, and I returned from KY on Monday. I have to say it was a very nice trip. Relations aren't always the best with my mom's side so we were all a bit worried how things were going to turn out, but I don't think things could have gone smoother. Thank the Lord! Chase, George, and I spent the night at Aunt Kim's house for the first 2 nights. Aunt Kim is so sweet and hospitable.

On the drive there, we stopped at Fort Donalson (I think that's the name...). It had some pretty neat earthworks, but I think the best part about this place was seeing the eagle's nest with 3 baby eagles in it.

We arrived pretty late to Aunt Kim's...so I crashed pretty much right after that.
The next day was Grandpa's party. Fun! It went very smoothly. His scrapbook was a big success. I was happy Chase was able to meet my grandparents. Lol...that night, Kim told me all about decorating gourds and gave me 3 to decorate. I still need to sand them and wash them up a bit, but I can't wait to get to work on them. I think I might plant some.

Sunday we went to the races. Ok...probably not the best thing to do in place of church... It was very fun. I didn't win any of my (very small...) bets. It was very fun to see the horses run though. After that we had a family picnic including grilled burgers and a game of frisbe :D

So overall a very nice weekend. Now I have to work. Haha...I really didn't need a job this summer, but I guess it's good to work. Work can be stressful, but overall I like it. ^_^ Dr. LaVergne is a good vet, and I can learn a lot from him. I just wish they had kept my original schedule - three 9am-1pm shifts per week (Tues-Wed-Thurs). That was perfect...but I guess I'll be ok with the evening shift as well. I'll get more hours this way. I think I'll still have time to craft and have fun as well ^_^ Well, Cheerio. I hope all is well with you.

20 May 2007

Summary of recent events

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Well here are the recent events...

Photo 1 - Mom's birthday...she's spoiled rotten... Dad got her a iPod nano for her b-day. She was shocked. Classic photo. ^_^

Photo 2 - I visited LSU. I liked it ^_^ Plus I think the person in charge of admissions will come speak to our pre-vet club...so that's 1 less meeting I have to plan next year.

Photo 3 - Picnic with Chase. :( I haven't heard from him all day! not cool... I guess he'll call at some point *sigh*

11 May 2007

The Wonderful Adventures of Chase and Katie

First off, we spend the evening at Brook and Linda's. Happy Birthday Linda!

Alright! New movie!

The next day, Chase and I hit Pea Ridge. Hmmmmm....the skies are looking ominous.....Oh well...

Pea Ridge has bikes for visitors to use free of charge! So we go on 2 bikes and started on the 7 mile road tour...

As the clouds close in on use, Chase checks the map.... Will we make it?

Nope...It started pouring before we could reach the shelter. We're soaked to the bone...But at least we made it to the overlook shelter before the lightening started.
At around 4:30PM...I thought we should call the park's office to tell them we didn't run off with their bikes, and we'll be down to the visitor center as soon as the storm lets up. 1o minutes later, a park ranger pulls up in a pickup to rescue us! Hahaha! I've never had to be rescued from a park before. Fun times ^_^

In other news, I'm officially moved out of the dorm now and living on the floor of my apartment. Haha, none of my bedroom furniture is here yet. I made all As except for in Biochemistry... so that's good too. I was soo close to making all As this semester, but I'm relieved it was only in one class I didn't... I'll be going back to the Rock tomorrow...So until then...Cheerio!

07 May 2007


Well..the school year is finished. Grades have yet to be posted on ISIS...but I'm very hopeful that the only class I made less than an A in is Biochemistry. I feel fairly good about the rest of my classes. I'm positive I made an A in Thesis Proposal, Sheep Production, Parasitology, Ambassador Internship, and Animal Physiology. I've done really well so far in History and Horse Production..but I'm not sure how I did on the tests in those classes the week after Nannie died. I could have Bs in those as well, but I really hope not. I suppose I'm *slightly* obsessive over my grade...but anyway...Here's my analysis of potetial GPA scenarios. I currently have a 3.925 GPA...If I made 1 B this semester it drops to 3.909...2 - 3.878....3 - 3.848....If I make 3 Bs this semester it knocks me out of the running to graduate Summa Cum Laude...which would make me very sad. Any of the other scenarios I can still graduate Summa Cum Laude...as long as I take over 18 hours and make all A's, but considering I have 0 chemistry left and 0 math left...maybe I can manage. Ok...obsessing about GPA completed...sorry to whine.

Good news! I sold back 2 books today and got about $85. Wonderful! $2 has already been spend on a candy bar and a cappucino. Shopping anyone? I need to buy 3 presents...one for Mother's day, 1 for mi hermanito's b-day, and 1 for Grandpa Burt's Birthday... I figure I'll spend it on gifts...Unfortunately I have no idea what each of those people want. Haha..I'll figure something out. Hmm..maybe the Great Burt Project (which is a mystery...bum bum bum) will be his gift. I just gotta get on the ball working on it. Hmm...shall I recruite Megann to help? If I have any leftover money...I'll probably buy Chase dinner when he comes up to see me etc. I still have one more thing I want to buy him too...harumm harummm. I want to go shopping now...but I think I'll goof off for the remainder of the day!! NO MORE SCHOOL!! NO MORE SCHOOl! 3 out of 8 years of college etc. finished!!! Only 5 more to go... >-)

Cheerio and goodluck on wrapping up the school year etc. Have good days at work! <3

06 May 2007

End of the School Year...Pre-furniture pictures

So Megann and I finally have our apartment. ^_^ It's a college student's standard apartment featuring all hand-me-down furniture, a tiny kitchen, and funky floor plan and cabinetry. But we like it. I wish I was going to live in it right away as well so we could get it arranged in a way happy to the both of us, but I'm sure we'll be fine when I move in next August. We thoroughly cleaned all the cabinets and drawers, lined them, swept and mopped, and did *lots* of unpacking and moving furniture...etc. The linoleum is a bit old, but the carpet is brand new! It'll feel pretty good when it's all arranged etc. I still plan of cleaning the couch...hmmm..
How does one clean a couch? Some spray and scrub thing? Maybe Uncle Bo will bring down the steam cleaner... harrrumm...
I think I'm just going to transfer most of my bedroom stuff from home to the apartment bedroom. Red and white...New bedroom color scheme I think. Random^_^ I wonder what Mom will fill my old room with?

Our little Kitchen - It's funny...all the cabinets seem to open opposite of what they should.

View from the entry.

My bathroom

Big BUTT-ed dog!
And now a message from Mr. Bailey. Steak!!! He's got his eyes glued to the grill.

In other news...I have a 4-6 page essay to write tonight, but yet I'm updating my blog. Also, I miss Chase, but I'll get to see him on Wednesday!
I'm almost finished with school for this year! Man, do I look forward to summer break!!!! Whoa! I just have the one test in history left and then I'm finished for the year. Hopefully, I managed all A's in everything except for biochemistry. *hopes* I really want to keep the GPA above 3.9...maybe I'm being to hard on myself. Oh well... *Considers working on paper* mmm...I really don't want to do this paper...bleh. The paper is part of my history test tomorrow... The test will have 4 parts: a map part, 2 essays, and an essay on the books that can be written before hand if we so please. I figure it would be a good idea to do it ahead of time...it will be challenging enough fitting the two other "well thought out" essays and the map part in less than 2 hours. I'M GOING TO REMEMBER WISCONSIN THIS TIME! Maybe I'll watch an episode of Mai Hime and then start the paper...That sounds like a good plan. Too bad I can't watch it *while* working on my paper. Or maybe I should make Mai-Hime a reward for doing good work...Positive reinforcement for a good behavior. katie-training. Or not...someone should squirt me with a water gun when I stop working on the paper...or rather until I start. Or not...

Cheerio! Goodluck on all finals, papers, driving, school-stinking events etc. I should really do something other than babble now..

Did I mention I miss Chase and want to see him ASAP? Because I do...

03 May 2007

Last Day of class completed

I've officially finished my last day of class for this semester! So far I know I have As in parasitology, Animal Physiology II, Honors Thesis Proposal, Sheep Production, and in the Ambassador Internship. I hope I got an A in Horse Production...History and Biochemisty are still in the air. Tomorrow is Dead Day...wonderful. I'm going to sleep in!! And do a good bit of studying! I need to rework all my biochem problem sets...and Write an outline to 3 essays. I think that's manageable. On Sunday, I have to write an essay. I feel like I can handle this!

Biochem final is at 7:30 AM on Saturday (bleh..who schedules exams on Saturdays... :P )
History is on Monday at the reasonable time of 12:30 until 2:30...

Then I'm FREE until May 12...when I have to work at graduation. BUT I'm free to do whatever I want until then ^_^ Party? Or catch up on all the scrapping? *shrugs* Ah....Free time

02 May 2007

Feeling bettter - The Good and the bad

.... Credits

Life is starting to feel manageable again. Dr. Kumar was very helpful when I went for help on the homework set. I also learned that he rounds a 89.1% up to a 90%. Wonderful! I need a 92% on the final to get an A. He said that the final will only consist of problems similar to what was on the problem sets and will have about 10 points of bonus. *Maybe* I'll be able to weasel through with an A... So that was encouraging. Horse production and history are really the only 2 I'm unsure about. It's too late to change anything about horse prod. now, but I think I'm ok in that class. The last test in history is worth over %42 of our grade...but I think that will be ok too. So...everything is manageable school wise.

So the bad news. Within the last year, one of George's Friend's mothers was diagnosed with cancer. Her condition has steadily declined since then, and she was hospitalized this week because 1 of her lungs collapsed. She has a son George's age and a daughter who is a year older than me. It's just so sad. So, those of you who pray, please keep this family in your prayers. I hope that the mother is completely healed.