02 April 2007


Hurricane and her momma, Twister

Hurricane. Notice she's paying close attention to me - silly mistrustful thing.

The very gorgeous Harley. big baby.

Hermione! I think she has the right idea...mmmmm nap time.

Notice how my baby, Hurricane, is the only baby not napping...We named her appropriately. While all the other groups are having a merry ole time imprint training, we have a firm grip on our baby who has figured out that her legs are weapons and periodically tries to buck and run away. Doesn't work. I'm tougher than I look, and even if she drags me on the ground I'm not going to let go! Haha, she has to learn that temper tantrums don't let her have her way. ^_^ I didn't get kicked today. Posted by Picasa

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Trish Jones said...

ok you horsies are to die for! How adorable are they? I know a little boy who is gonna love looking at them later on ;) And my daughter will be mummmmmmmmm you have to buy me a horse I can hear it now LOL pity she is at school :D

The layouts, yeah you should print them! If you can afford it shutterfly really do some awesome work! and I belive that sweetshoppedesigns has a 20% off code for them this month!