30 April 2007

Tired Kid

I have to say I am one worn out kid - emotionally and physically. My Nannie died last Friday morning. It wasn't unexpected, but we'll all miss her so much. I'm relieved that she's no longer suffering...

Sooo Friday night I drove down to LR...The next morning, George and I picked up Denton and Selina from the airport and drove to Crossett. Haha, I don't think I've seen so many desserts in one weekend! In addition to flowers, plants, lunch meat trays, there were a bunch of desserts! Apparently the church thinks we all need to be fattened up! We had 2 cheesecakes, pound cake, chocolate cake with marshemallow icing, tea cake cookies, chocolate chip cookies, 2 boxes hersey's cookies, egg pie (?),....I haven't even gotten to the stuff at the church! Saturday evening was the visitation at the nursing home. It was decorated soooo pretty - flowers wall to wall! We set up old pictures of her and part of her bird figurine collection around the room. Nannie herself looked so peaceful. They had her dressed in a beautiful blue dress that she had really liked. Mom said that right before she died, Uncle Frank got on the phone and after Pa had arrived the most peaceful look came over her face, and she passed on. She was like a mother to all of us, and I will treasure the memories I have of her. I know she's in the arms of the Almighty now.

The church has been tremendously supportive. Over a period of 2 days, they fed us potluck meals 3 times! I know they must be just as exhausted as I am. Also, Chase came to the funeral with me, and I was very grateful for his support. I just wish he could have met my family for the first time under happier circumstances. The funeral itself was yesterday. It went fairly well as far as funerals go. We laughed and cried while remembering a great woman. We left Cooter around 9 last night and got home around 11:30...So tired! Mom and Dad's community group completely surprised us... they cleaned our house, did all our laundry, and mowed the lawn! lol...Mom and Dad had been in Crossett for about 4 days leaving George at home. So it was converted into quite a mess! It's kinda embarrassing, but I guess the church understands the circumstances of our house being such a mess! I got home and it was like little elves came silently in the night and put everything away. Haha! It was very kind of them! They're also going to bring dinner for the folks back at the Rock tonight. I wish I didn't have school this week..but anyway......I fell asleep around 12:30AM last night in time to wake up at 5:30 to be able to get to UA for my first class... I have 2 tests today, and I didn't study an hour for either of them. eep...That's stressful....I really wanted a high A on the biochemistry test, but I might have to simply settle for a B. I have no idea how I did on it...I just know I sorta fumbled through all of it this morning... I guess if I make a B in the class, it's not the end of the world ^_^

21 April 2007


Well...blogger *finally* let me switch to beta! So maybe I won't have as many issues updating my blog now. I proceeded with the plan to print some pages...they should get here next week. I can't wait to see how they turned out!

Anyway, life is standard busy. As usual, I should be pouring my soul out over a set of parasitology notes, but I just don't feel like it right now. I can only handle so many worms, fleas, ticks, mints, and all their little friends before I feel like they're actually eating my brain. I really should study some more before Chase gets here...

Speaking of which, Chase is coming up so we can catch the meteor shower ^_^ Hooray!

Other news...I've really been thinking about the tradegedy at VT. I can't imagine the grief and the pain the campus must be going through. I feel so sorry for the gunman's family too. It's really shaken up college communities all over the U.S. I know ours is quite a bit rattled by it. Such sorrow and horror in the world....

09 April 2007


This is what we did for Nannie's nursing home room...There were already nails up so we bought some cork boards and decorated them ^_^

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05 April 2007

My team

This is my team and Twister (momma) and Hurricane (baby). Posted by Picasa

A day in the life of an animal science student

Today, Dr. Kumar posted the biochem grades from the last test. I was a bit disappointed with my B, but an A isn't completely out of my grasp for the class yet. I'll keep on pressing!

I sheared a sheep. I'm quite proud of my patchy job too....Shearing sheep is a lot harder than it looks!!!

First line of action: tip the sheep...plop it on it's butt. They make it look easy...but for me to man-handle a 200lb animal when I only weigh around 135lb is a little hard. I lack the practice and the skill. ^_^ But what you have to do is grab the sheep under the jaw with your left hand while standing on the sheep's left. Then, your other hand goes on the sheep's right hip and pushes while the other hand is twisting the neck back toward the right hip... Meanwhile you're using your left leg to help sorta trip the sheep.

Now for the actual shearing part...it's a bit like a dance. Your feet have to be in the right position to be able to restrain the sheep while shearing at the same time. I can't remember all the little details...but at various points in the shearing process, the sheep's head was between my legs, I had 1 sheep leg behind my legs and one between, or one sheep's leg in my hand with the clippers in the other. Then while you've got the sheep in all these random positions, you have to hold the clippers just right and put pressure enough to actually shear her. Wow, all this is done while you are semi-squatting and bending over...ooo my thighs. It also takes muscles...poor little wimpy arms too ^_^ I definitely got my workout today, but I got through it albeit with a lot of guidance and help. Now I stink

Castration and vaccinations
I also helped castrate and vaccinate the lambs today...aww... They are not the little things they were a month ago. They've gotten so big!!!

First line of action: catch the little hopping, running lamb. Then, you lift the lamb by its front legs and plop it on its back. Hold the front two legs for whoever is vaccinating/castrating

Next: Pinch and shoot. The vaccines we gave today were given sub-q. Get a pinch of skin and insert the needle, but be careful not to go through both layers of skin and out the other side. Inject vaccine (we used 2 cc). The lambs don't really mind the shot...it's the restraint they don't like as much...unless of course it happens to be a ram lamb..then their fate just gets a little worse.

Ram lamb: time to loose the Ram-a-Lamb-a ding dong. The UA does this by banding. Sooo...while some one has the ram lamb restrained as described in the first line of action, another person uses the band contraption thingy and puts a band around the scrotum. Before you allow the band to tighten though, you have to feel around and make sure both testicles are in the scrotum. Then let the band tighten and remove the contraption thingy ma bob. The poor ram lambs have a big problem with this...I guess I can't blame them. *shrug* The band cuts off circulation over time and the scrotum falls off. No more testicles! ^_^

I helped with all aspects of this. I plopped em, gave em the shot, and removed the manhood of the ram lambs ^_^ All good experience for vet school ^_^

And now....I very seriously need a shower before I'm banned from my suite by my roomies ^_^

02 April 2007

More of the babies!

Harley has very flashy markings!

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Hurricane and her momma, Twister

Hurricane. Notice she's paying close attention to me - silly mistrustful thing.

The very gorgeous Harley. big baby.

Hermione! I think she has the right idea...mmmmm nap time.

Notice how my baby, Hurricane, is the only baby not napping...We named her appropriately. While all the other groups are having a merry ole time imprint training, we have a firm grip on our baby who has figured out that her legs are weapons and periodically tries to buck and run away. Doesn't work. I'm tougher than I look, and even if she drags me on the ground I'm not going to let go! Haha, she has to learn that temper tantrums don't let her have her way. ^_^ I didn't get kicked today. Posted by Picasa