07 March 2007

Today - a book by Katie.

Isn't this neat? It goes in a travel coffee cup (from starbucks)...maybe I'll buy one and put it in there. It'll be my mug of happiness. Ah yes...you should be able to guess the credits. Meredith Fenwick papers and elements. The template was from her Feb newsletter - Wendy Zine's creation I believe.

Ok. So Midterm week 1 is over. I don't feel all that confident about any of my tests. They all depend on how leniently the professors grade (which hopefully the professors will grade in a happy for students way...). This is probably going to be my dropped test in Biochem. I don't feel that it went well at all. History midterm felt competely rushed for time. Luckily when he called 25 minutes (half way) I stopped the 1st essay (which wasn't finished) and started the 2nd one. I went back at the end and hastily finished the first. Some students found themselves with only the 1st essay done and 5 minutes left. I guarantee theirs will be better than mine, but at least I finished both essays albeit not as thoroughly as I would have preferred. Writing 2 "well thought out" 2-3 page essays in 50 minutes is hard! So hopefully I'll do well on that test. I did a lot of guessing and making up numbers for my horse prod. test (like "how many days early does a foal have to be born to be considered premature?")...hopefully I pulled real numbers out of the half-forgotten stuff floating around in my head. Barn design is a lot of common sense... well stuff that makes a whole lot of sense after someone tells you.

So far 3 of my friends/acquaintances have been accepted to vet school. How exciting is that!!! I'm so pumped! They all reassure me that at the minimum I'll be accepted to LSU when it's my turn to apply, which LSU is more than fine with me...actually it's probably my first choice. Dr. LaVergne seemed to like it ^_^

I'm tired of getting sick at night...so I bought yummy snacks to eat before I go to bed, because going to bed hungry = vomitting at 4AM. BAD. And I'm going to start taking multi-vitamins.

I also bought a new umbrella. It's pink. I want it to rain now. Maybe on Friday I'll get to use it. It says it's wind resistant...we'll see how well it holds up...
<-- isn't it cute? and it's HUGE...I hate it when water drips down your umbrella and onto your pants. EEP. But I still love the rain. Too bad my rain coat and my umbrella are different colors of pink. oh well. Hmm...It looks like I've definitely moved back in the pink-loving stage. When did I become such a girly girl? I even blow dry my hair now. OH...and I also bought Herbal Essence shampoo! Herbal Essence + Bath Junkie scrubbing salt = my own personal spa. Maybe I'll use my face mask tonight too. oooo. Good idea.

Reflecting on college life: yesterday I called Chase + Mom while crying about a car that I didn't scratch. Today a friend called me upset with roomie issues (which are the worst, and always happen before a big test). Apartment next year! Hang in there! But that's college for you. Everyone is stretched too thin and stress is found everywhere. Lack of sleep compounds matters as well as the lack of nutritious edible food.
Moral of the story: sometimes you need to go get coffee with a friend, sit and talk, and then sing along with the Wallflower's "One Headlight" at the top of your lungs (when the friend is not around so you don't terrify her). And then pray. Pray long, pray hard.

I bought a twin sized air mattress. *stares at amigas* hint...hint. I have 2 sets of extra sheets...

Is there anything else I could possibly babble about now? um...

One of my teachers didn't show today. The funny part is he was a guest speaker, and he told the regular teacher that she didn't need to be there. HA! So she didn't come either. *joy* I didn't want to listen to a lecture about statistics anyway...I bet she'll be unhappy with him.

I should really use tonight to try to get ahead, but I really don't want to...Maybe I'll put on an old movie and do homework in front of the TV. Posted by Picasa

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