19 March 2007

Spring break- Happy as a Jay Bird!

This has definitely been a good spring break so far. I'm not going to get any work done, but I guess that's ok.

Sunday -
Sunday's adventure was a standard family hiking day with the addition of George's girlfriend and Chase. This was the first time all 6 of us have hiked together. I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We went to Indian Rockhouse loop, which is one of my family's favorite hikes. It's a nice hike in itself with little waterfalls, swimming holes (too cold now...), and even a few small caves to explore. We didn't quarrel too much and simply had a nice afternoon.

Today I planned a picnic during Chase's lunch break. I packed sandwich materials, chips, and little debbie cupcakes and met him for lunch time. Then we drove to the river market and sat on my handy, dandy all weather blanket on the river bank. Lovely afternoon and time with Chase.

Now mom has recruited me to do a project over Spring Break...so I should probably work on that. I don't really feel like it now though ^_^ Bleh...I might have to put the dog out now...He's passing some powerful farts. YEEEP!

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