07 March 2007


Yesterday was not good, but I feel soooo much better now. After Myranda's concert last night, I thought I scratched a car coming out of the parking lot. They were parked practically in my spot...so it was a tight squeeze. I didn't have anything to write with or on...and I didn't want to wait around for the person to get out. So, I left. Then I felt reaaaalllly bad. I called Chase and the parents (crying), and decided to write a note and take it back. Chelsey was kind enough to go with me. Well, we get there and exam the car. There was a scratch that was there before and was too high for my little car to possibly do. Then, there was paint spattered on the side of the car...which I also couldn't have done. The "scratch" I inflicted was negligible...I think I just wiped some of the dust off. It turns out that when I initially thought I damaged the car, I saw the paint and thought I inflicted that. Whoops. We declared it a freak out about nothing. It's really no surpise that car was already scratched up if they insist on packing into such small spots and crowd other legally parked cars....

I went to sleep early and now I feel much better. I can face the day! I just have to get through my biochem test. Cheers! Posted by Picasa

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