13 March 2007


One of my friends once related a button pusher who beats someone who actually practices the sequences of a 2 player game to someone who has practiced martial arts all their life getting shot.

That's how parasitology makes me feel, but I guess what I'm learning is worth knowing since I'm pre-vet.

I studied...and I studied...I made sure I understood all the terminology...scolex, cystercercoid, proglottid, thigmokinetic, operculated, oncospere, enteritis, heteroxenous, moneicious, strobilar, metacestode, holometabolis, eclosion, poult, pullet, mucosal edema, hyperparasitism, villar atrophy, schizogony (aka merogony), gametogony, sporogony, merozoites, sporozoites, sporocysts, oocysts, schizonts.... GOOD GRIEF! Ok...Dr. Chapman's part required a basic understanding of protozoal parasite vocab (schizogony (aka merogony), gametogony, sporogony, merozoites, sporozoites, sporocysts, oocysts, schizonts)...But Dr. Yaz didn't ask a single one (all the rest of the words...)!

And for Tucker's section...I learned life cyles, # of larval instars, chemicals, pathogenisis, etc of the PARASITES....He asks about the PARASITOIDS (bugs that predate/parasitize the parasites of chickens)!!! :P

So I missed these....I didn't think I needed to study them because Tucker talked about them on a random sidenote.

Hister beetles feed on eggs and larvae of filth flies. Macrochilid(sp?) mites feed on surface eggs and 1st instar filth flies. Uropodid mites feed on 1st instar flies that are deeper in the crap mound....

Parasitoid wasps
1. Locate host fly pupae
2. Drum
3. Tap w/antenna, tap w/ abdomen
4. Ovipositor drill through pupil case
5. Entire ovipositor into hole and lays 1-5 eggs
Adult in 2-4 weeks...

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Meg said...

I do believe that was a quote from Bryan Cash, during or after our hiking trip freshman year. We need to go hiking again sometime (which may end up being the summer)...but I'm looking forward to rowing on the lake next week!