30 March 2007

Friday - No rest for the weary

It doesn't really feel like Friday....

Good news! Megann and I finally found an apartment! We paid our deposit today! Hooray. Of all the apartments we looked at, I liked these the best. 2 bedroom and 2 bath. Small kitchen w/ dining area. The bedrooms are the same size. Megann technically is going to have the master bedroom, but that's fine since we both have our own bathrooms anyway. I'm really excited. Mom's excited to get the couch out of the basement ^_^ Now we just have to find a roommate for her for the summer so she doesn't have to pay all of the rent until I move in in August. So that's all very exciting. The best part is it will be ridiculously cheaper than living in the Quad, and I get a whole lot more privacy and a kitchen etc.

In other news, I was able to talk to Nannie a little on the phone today. She sounded pretty bad. I'm glad for the opportunity to talk to her though. Poor Nannie.

I'm off to OSU tomorrow to check out the vet school there. Then it's study time...I really want to do well in my biochem class. I'm toeing the A/B border...So I would like to get a mid range A. Ha, I just got an email from the professor containing homework that's due on Monday...geeze. Maybe email isn't such a good thing. It is the bringer of more work. *yawns* with as much studying as I have to do...I can't seem to get started...I just don't feel like studying now. I think I'll drag my little table into the common room and put on some disney movies while I study.

I wish all who read this a wonderful weekend. Chances are I love you and pray for you often.

What a Friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear.
What a privilege to carry, everything to God in Prayer.
O what peace we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear,
All because we do not carry, everything to God in Prayer.

Have we trials and temptations? Is there trouble anywhere?
We should never be discouraged; take it to the Lord in prayer.
Can we find a friend so faithful, who will all our sorrows share?
Jesus knows our every weakness; take it to the Lord in prayer.

Are we weak and heavy laden, cumbered with a load of care?
Precious Savior, still our refuge, take it to the Lord in prayer.
Do thy friends despise, forsake thee? take it to the Lord in prayer;
in his arms He'll take and shield thee, thou wilt find a solace there.

Random verses

Meredith Fenwick stuff & tear from a template chat with Amy Bleser and the Notebook paper from DST's Bring a friend chat.

Meredith Fenwick stuff + tears from Anna Aspnes

In the gloaming paper from dianne rigdon, alpha from Meredith Fenwick Posted by Picasa

29 March 2007

My dashboard is working!

"Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all comprehension, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Finally, bretheren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things"
Phillipians 4:6-8

I've been a bit out of sorts lately. School is stressful, and it's difficult to get back into the swing of things again. My Nannie has been admitted to the hospital for possible renal failure. I feel a bit tired and stretched thin.

Where I really want to be... http://www.puertoaventurasrentals.com/rentals/rentals_casalucia.htm

Yup. That looks good...soak it up on the beach...do some diving. No thesis project, no applications, no homework, no stress. Who else wants to come? Clear blue waters...ahh...I think I'm going to go take a bath and pretend I'm in the ocean. Pure and lovely ocean floating time.

19 March 2007

Hiking adventure

George and Ellen fell asleep.
<-- My boyriend!
Cool rock formation ^_^ Posted by Picasa

Spring break- Happy as a Jay Bird!

This has definitely been a good spring break so far. I'm not going to get any work done, but I guess that's ok.

Sunday -
Sunday's adventure was a standard family hiking day with the addition of George's girlfriend and Chase. This was the first time all 6 of us have hiked together. I think everyone enjoyed themselves. We went to Indian Rockhouse loop, which is one of my family's favorite hikes. It's a nice hike in itself with little waterfalls, swimming holes (too cold now...), and even a few small caves to explore. We didn't quarrel too much and simply had a nice afternoon.

Today I planned a picnic during Chase's lunch break. I packed sandwich materials, chips, and little debbie cupcakes and met him for lunch time. Then we drove to the river market and sat on my handy, dandy all weather blanket on the river bank. Lovely afternoon and time with Chase.

Now mom has recruited me to do a project over Spring Break...so I should probably work on that. I don't really feel like it now though ^_^ Bleh...I might have to put the dog out now...He's passing some powerful farts. YEEEP!

16 March 2007

This is my room this week. Normally It stays moderately picked up....I've been too tired and too busy to pick it up. ^_^ Hurricane in my room.... Posted by Picasa

14 March 2007

The Miracle of Life

Waiting and watching.....
It's a foot!!!! It's a foot!!!!!
And a head!!!! Head!!!!!
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More of the Miracle!!!

Sooooo close!!! Push Twister! Push!!!
We're cleaning the umbilical stump. Before it broke though I got to feel the blood pulsing through it.
Ok...yeah...I'm gross, but it's required if you're pre-vet Posted by Picasa

13 March 2007


One of my friends once related a button pusher who beats someone who actually practices the sequences of a 2 player game to someone who has practiced martial arts all their life getting shot.

That's how parasitology makes me feel, but I guess what I'm learning is worth knowing since I'm pre-vet.

I studied...and I studied...I made sure I understood all the terminology...scolex, cystercercoid, proglottid, thigmokinetic, operculated, oncospere, enteritis, heteroxenous, moneicious, strobilar, metacestode, holometabolis, eclosion, poult, pullet, mucosal edema, hyperparasitism, villar atrophy, schizogony (aka merogony), gametogony, sporogony, merozoites, sporozoites, sporocysts, oocysts, schizonts.... GOOD GRIEF! Ok...Dr. Chapman's part required a basic understanding of protozoal parasite vocab (schizogony (aka merogony), gametogony, sporogony, merozoites, sporozoites, sporocysts, oocysts, schizonts)...But Dr. Yaz didn't ask a single one (all the rest of the words...)!

And for Tucker's section...I learned life cyles, # of larval instars, chemicals, pathogenisis, etc of the PARASITES....He asks about the PARASITOIDS (bugs that predate/parasitize the parasites of chickens)!!! :P

So I missed these....I didn't think I needed to study them because Tucker talked about them on a random sidenote.

Hister beetles feed on eggs and larvae of filth flies. Macrochilid(sp?) mites feed on surface eggs and 1st instar filth flies. Uropodid mites feed on 1st instar flies that are deeper in the crap mound....

Parasitoid wasps
1. Locate host fly pupae
2. Drum
3. Tap w/antenna, tap w/ abdomen
4. Ovipositor drill through pupil case
5. Entire ovipositor into hole and lays 1-5 eggs
Adult in 2-4 weeks...

10 March 2007

Papers are by *drum roll please* Ginal Miller! Except for the beige which is from Traci Ann. Decorative alpha is from Meredith Fenwick Posted by Picasa


I finally regained access to my Dashboard. Blogger is frustrating. For some reason I had to change my password. My old password was fine...it worked on picassa to upload blogs...*shakes head*

Plans for today: study! Write an essay! Study! Study! Study!

The family might be coming up to go hiking with me tomorrow. HOOOOORAY!

Brooke is so much fun ^_^ Posted by Picasa

07 March 2007

Today - a book by Katie.

Isn't this neat? It goes in a travel coffee cup (from starbucks)...maybe I'll buy one and put it in there. It'll be my mug of happiness. Ah yes...you should be able to guess the credits. Meredith Fenwick papers and elements. The template was from her Feb newsletter - Wendy Zine's creation I believe.

Ok. So Midterm week 1 is over. I don't feel all that confident about any of my tests. They all depend on how leniently the professors grade (which hopefully the professors will grade in a happy for students way...). This is probably going to be my dropped test in Biochem. I don't feel that it went well at all. History midterm felt competely rushed for time. Luckily when he called 25 minutes (half way) I stopped the 1st essay (which wasn't finished) and started the 2nd one. I went back at the end and hastily finished the first. Some students found themselves with only the 1st essay done and 5 minutes left. I guarantee theirs will be better than mine, but at least I finished both essays albeit not as thoroughly as I would have preferred. Writing 2 "well thought out" 2-3 page essays in 50 minutes is hard! So hopefully I'll do well on that test. I did a lot of guessing and making up numbers for my horse prod. test (like "how many days early does a foal have to be born to be considered premature?")...hopefully I pulled real numbers out of the half-forgotten stuff floating around in my head. Barn design is a lot of common sense... well stuff that makes a whole lot of sense after someone tells you.

So far 3 of my friends/acquaintances have been accepted to vet school. How exciting is that!!! I'm so pumped! They all reassure me that at the minimum I'll be accepted to LSU when it's my turn to apply, which LSU is more than fine with me...actually it's probably my first choice. Dr. LaVergne seemed to like it ^_^

I'm tired of getting sick at night...so I bought yummy snacks to eat before I go to bed, because going to bed hungry = vomitting at 4AM. BAD. And I'm going to start taking multi-vitamins.

I also bought a new umbrella. It's pink. I want it to rain now. Maybe on Friday I'll get to use it. It says it's wind resistant...we'll see how well it holds up...
<-- isn't it cute? and it's HUGE...I hate it when water drips down your umbrella and onto your pants. EEP. But I still love the rain. Too bad my rain coat and my umbrella are different colors of pink. oh well. Hmm...It looks like I've definitely moved back in the pink-loving stage. When did I become such a girly girl? I even blow dry my hair now. OH...and I also bought Herbal Essence shampoo! Herbal Essence + Bath Junkie scrubbing salt = my own personal spa. Maybe I'll use my face mask tonight too. oooo. Good idea.

Reflecting on college life: yesterday I called Chase + Mom while crying about a car that I didn't scratch. Today a friend called me upset with roomie issues (which are the worst, and always happen before a big test). Apartment next year! Hang in there! But that's college for you. Everyone is stretched too thin and stress is found everywhere. Lack of sleep compounds matters as well as the lack of nutritious edible food.
Moral of the story: sometimes you need to go get coffee with a friend, sit and talk, and then sing along with the Wallflower's "One Headlight" at the top of your lungs (when the friend is not around so you don't terrify her). And then pray. Pray long, pray hard.

I bought a twin sized air mattress. *stares at amigas* hint...hint. I have 2 sets of extra sheets...

Is there anything else I could possibly babble about now? um...

One of my teachers didn't show today. The funny part is he was a guest speaker, and he told the regular teacher that she didn't need to be there. HA! So she didn't come either. *joy* I didn't want to listen to a lecture about statistics anyway...I bet she'll be unhappy with him.

I should really use tonight to try to get ahead, but I really don't want to...Maybe I'll put on an old movie and do homework in front of the TV. Posted by Picasa


Yesterday was not good, but I feel soooo much better now. After Myranda's concert last night, I thought I scratched a car coming out of the parking lot. They were parked practically in my spot...so it was a tight squeeze. I didn't have anything to write with or on...and I didn't want to wait around for the person to get out. So, I left. Then I felt reaaaalllly bad. I called Chase and the parents (crying), and decided to write a note and take it back. Chelsey was kind enough to go with me. Well, we get there and exam the car. There was a scratch that was there before and was too high for my little car to possibly do. Then, there was paint spattered on the side of the car...which I also couldn't have done. The "scratch" I inflicted was negligible...I think I just wiped some of the dust off. It turns out that when I initially thought I damaged the car, I saw the paint and thought I inflicted that. Whoops. We declared it a freak out about nothing. It's really no surpise that car was already scratched up if they insist on packing into such small spots and crowd other legally parked cars....

I went to sleep early and now I feel much better. I can face the day! I just have to get through my biochem test. Cheers! Posted by Picasa

06 March 2007

Sorta Hair cut

I got my hair shaped up...I feel like I have a little more of a style. I'm not sure I like it this length...I feel like I want either shorter or longer.

Other news. I was sick last night...at least it was last night and not the night before or tonight (I hope). I didn't get to sleep until after 4 AM in time to wake up @ 7 and decide to try to sleep for another hour. Then I stumbled out of bed, got dressed, grabbed a bite, and ran into class at 8:30 (on the dot). Survived 2 tests yesterday (History midterm and Horse Prod.). I have biochem tomorrow...eeep...only about 4 hours left to study. Pre-vet + Ambassador meeting on Thursday. Rough draft for my thesis proposal is due on Friday. I also have an Advisory Board meeting with the Dean on Friday.

Inherit the Wind quiz next Monday. SURPISE! parasitology test on Tuesday (he announced it today...better than his original intention of on the 8th). Orphan Foal Care report due on Wednesday along with an ambassador meeting. Sheep Exam on Thrusday. Budget (?) for my thesis proposal due Friday. Then....then.....then


S P R I N G B R E A K! spring break. SprInG bReAK!

spring break Posted by Picasa

04 March 2007

Uncle Roddy is in the Chair. *Sigh* Thanksgiving will never be the same... Posted by Picasa

02 March 2007


Hmmm....I wish I could sneak over to the ANSC department to print them now...
Yeah...Guess the credits. Yup. Everything is from Meredith Fenwick's Day Dream collection. Imagine that.

Well...this week is apparently still going. Fridays aren't immune from bad new. My Uncle Roddy died today. God bless him. Posted by Picasa


More from Meredith Fenwick's Day Dream collection!

PHEW!!! It's Friday....And it feels good! It's been a bit of a stressful week. I studied and worked a lot this week, but it doesn't seem to matter how much I do - I can't seem to get ahead. I feel like I'm running my butt off...but I'm stuck on a treadmill so I'm not really getting anywhere - like a dog chasing it's tail. I want to go home too...but I need to stay up here and study and spend some quality time with my dear friend, Brooke. She has to go to meetings now when we used to eat lunch together...*sigh*

I have a history midterm (AAAAH!) and a horse production test on Monday, a Biochem test on Wednesday, Pre-vet and Ambassadors on Thursday, a meeting with the dean on Friday, and my ROUGH DRAFT TO MY THESIS PROPOSAL (AAAAAAAAH) is due on Friday too. It's going to be just a little nuts, but that's life.

I don't get to actually see Chase this week. Haha, I've been spoiled the last couple of weekends.

In other news, Jeremy is engaged. Quite randomly it seems to me. Oh well, congrats guys. I wish you happiness!

I finished my sheep production test....3 pages of solid text single spaced + 5 pages of charts. Sheesh.

And Meredith Fenwick just announced a huge goodbye sale at SBB....*sigh* money, please stay in my bank account.... Posted by Picasa