18 February 2007

Try #4 - this is getting ridiculous...at least I figured out I should copy my text before even trying to post....

So, Michelle and Paul got married on Friday! Congrats guys!

I went through all the effort of putting up a bunch of pics...but blogger wouldn't work. So I've truncated it to one scrapbook page thing (by the way...everything is by Meredith Fenwick again, except for the envelope which is from Vintage Charm). I'm not sure why I used such random colors *shrugs* oh well.Michelle's wedding was a lovely and elegant black, white, and red themed wedding with a reception at a little Itailian restaraunt afterwards.

I was definitely glad to be able to attend and even more so to be her maid of honor. ^_^ I even bought a new black dress for the event.

Since Chase drove all the way to Harrison to go to the wedding with me, I spent most of the rest of the weekend with him. I *intended* to get homework done on Saturday...but I got distracted...whoops. Chase came over at 5:30ish and left around 2AM...Poor boy, he doesn't get to sleep in like I do after late nights. We watched a movie and some anime (yup...I'm still a dork).

Hehe...Really poor kid...his next day off isn't until Saturday....and Friday night he's staying all night helping me with lamb watch. haha, I thought I was going to be all by myself, but then Chase said he would come...then Brooke...then Megann...and then someone else from my sheep production class. So there will be five of us. Hopefully we'll be able to get some sleep, although I really want to see a lamb born. As his reward for staying in a smelly sheep barn to keep me company from 6PM friday to 6AM saturday, I'm in the process of buying 2 Tennesse vs UA tickets for Saturday (I'll pick them up on Tuesday)...We'll be tired and grumpy, but is a guy every too tired for college sports? I might be, but I'm looking forward to it anyway. It should be a good game ^_^

*yawns* I guess I should actually attempt to do my homework and get to bed at a reasonable hour. Cheers! Posted by Picasa

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