12 February 2007

Katie's Shopping Adventures

Dress #1 - the classic "little black dress" I bought this one for a wedding (I'm a bridesmaid and that's what she wanted us to wear). Flapper hat - I love this hat!

Every little dress needs a pair of shoes to match! Flat shoes are in style again, isn't that lovely? I certainly don't need the height, and heels are a killer...

Please ignore my dumb looking face. Pink rain coat! It's pink and it's water repellent, but mostly it's pink! It was only $30

I didn't really need this dress, but I really liked it. Chase helped me pick it out (sorta). Actually, he wanted me to purchase something different, but (as it is customary for girls to do) I ignored him and bought what I wanted anyway. <3 Someday, I'll buy a cheery, white skirt just to please him though. ;)

Ps...blogger is still being stupid! Upgrade me so I can write on my blog without using picassa!!! Posted by Picasa

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