27 February 2007

I paid my dues to the Idiot Club...

<--my grandmother

Anyway, I feel like a complete idiot now....I was trying to reschedule my GRE exam, but first I wanted to check to see how much of a refund I get for just outright canceling it.

Well, I canceled it...I didn't exactly mean to. You get a $60 dollar refund for a $130 test....AAAAAAAAAHH....and now I have to pay a full $130 to schedule a new one. Basically I just paid a $70 rescheduling fee...that sucks. The normal rescheduling fee is $40. It would have been more fun to throw my money out the window and watch it blow away in the wind....

*Stupid GRE #1 - $200
~2 more GREs (to optimize score) - $260
VMCAS fees - $370
School Application fees ~ $125
....Making into vet school...Well I would say priceless but I can hardly call about $100,000 of tuition and fees priceless...but I think it's worth the price.

*SIGH* Ok, I'm finished worrying about it and beating myself up over it. I messed up - moving on now.

Anyway, I hope everyone stays in good health...the flu is rapidly spreading through AR so be careful!! I love you all. Posted by Picasa

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