26 February 2007

Blogger is frustrating.

Ok. This is a picture from Block and Bridle Convetion. Anyone want to wager a guess who I'm talking to? hmmm...anyway, I have to use picassa to update my blog because my dashboard won't work...It says I need to switch to beta, but won't let me. *shrugs*

My weekend- Chase came down this weekend! Originally it was to keep me company out in the sheep barn while I was on lamb watch. But some idiot had to break into the sheep barn (and other facilities in that area) and vandalize it...so Dr. Apple decided that for the students' safety, all remaining lamb watches would be canceled. I am still trying to figure out what I need to do to make it up. He said I could come by on Saturday, but I already had plans and I need more details anyway. Come by and what?...Back to the actual events of the weekend....

Chase arrived Friday night. I watched my long-awaited valentine's day present (which was an adorable video he made to "I Would Walk 500 Miles"). Next we journeyed to the Malco Razorback 6, which now accepts credit cards, for the 9:45 showing of the Ghost Rider. Ok...I admit, we should have gone to see 23...but it looked scarier so I pushed for Ghost Rider, which was a bit pointless, but "fun." They definitely could have done a better job with it. Oh well. Movie date = good!

12:05 Tennessee basketball game. Even though we lost, I still had fun. I'm not much of a sports person, but basketball is better than football. I would rather go hiking than any sport though...After the game, we finished up Mai Hime (anime) and went to wal-mart. Steak for dinner, my treat. yummy steak. After dinner we watched The Russians are Coming, which is a very cute movie about a Russian submarine that accidentally runs ashore and gets stuck on an American beach. Chaos ensues.

Amanda said she had too much homework to go with us to church so Chase and I went by ourselves. It would have been the first time Chase and Amanda had seen each other since the breakup. Maybe it wasn't quite time for that. Paul's sermon was just as good as it usually is. He covered Matthew 18: 1-6, the story of the disciples arguing over who would be greatest in the Kingdom only to have Jesus explain the greatest in the Kingdom is the one who serves others with humility. Ouch. It's funny, for as long as I've been attending Calvary Chapel, we've been slowly making our way through Matthew. I wonder if we'll finish it by the time I graduate. Next year's BSF study is Matthew as well. So it'll be Matthew out the wazoo, but that's not a bad thing.

After church we had lunch in the quad...I have less than ten flex dollars left now. Haha, I really don't mind using all my flex on friends' lunches especially not Chase and Brooke even though I'm running out of flex prematurely. It just means I'll eat less junk food and drink less cappucino - certainly not a bad thing. After lunch, we went to the Illinois State Baseball game. We arrived in time to miss a couple of boring innnings. Poor Arkansas, the first 6 innings we didn't score a single run. During the 7th inning, Illinois was winning 7-1. All of the sudden, Arkansas comes back with 7 runs in the 8th inning, and it becomes a very exciting game. After the game, we headed back to the quad to warm up for a little while before going to Taco Bell. After that, a very exhausted Chase started back to LR. Haha, I'm exhausted too, but it was worth it. Movies, steak, basketball, baseball, anime, and tacos all in one weekend...

Now I have to work my rear off to catch up - mostly just studying for my next round of tests (3 next week) and a little bit of homework. I did really well on my last tests - 90% parasitology, 100% horse production, 100% animal physiology. I worked pretty hard on those, so I guess it was good to have a break from studying. Haha, maybe I put in too much effort on Horse prod and physiology...in parasitology I definitely wormed by with the minimum amount of effort.

Anyway, I hope everyone is in good health and avoids getting the cold/flu going around. Cheers! Have a great week! Posted by Picasa

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