28 February 2007

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Everything is from Meredith Fenwick's Day Dream Collection.

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27 February 2007


<-- my grandpa

The last post didn't imply that my grandma was an idiot....I just needed a picture to post, and I think it's neat. I can still only update this blog via Picassa and not the normal way via my dashboard.... Posted by Picasa

I paid my dues to the Idiot Club...

<--my grandmother

Anyway, I feel like a complete idiot now....I was trying to reschedule my GRE exam, but first I wanted to check to see how much of a refund I get for just outright canceling it.

Well, I canceled it...I didn't exactly mean to. You get a $60 dollar refund for a $130 test....AAAAAAAAAHH....and now I have to pay a full $130 to schedule a new one. Basically I just paid a $70 rescheduling fee...that sucks. The normal rescheduling fee is $40. It would have been more fun to throw my money out the window and watch it blow away in the wind....

*Stupid GRE #1 - $200
~2 more GREs (to optimize score) - $260
VMCAS fees - $370
School Application fees ~ $125
....Making into vet school...Well I would say priceless but I can hardly call about $100,000 of tuition and fees priceless...but I think it's worth the price.

*SIGH* Ok, I'm finished worrying about it and beating myself up over it. I messed up - moving on now.

Anyway, I hope everyone stays in good health...the flu is rapidly spreading through AR so be careful!! I love you all. Posted by Picasa

26 February 2007

Blogger is frustrating.

Ok. This is a picture from Block and Bridle Convetion. Anyone want to wager a guess who I'm talking to? hmmm...anyway, I have to use picassa to update my blog because my dashboard won't work...It says I need to switch to beta, but won't let me. *shrugs*

My weekend- Chase came down this weekend! Originally it was to keep me company out in the sheep barn while I was on lamb watch. But some idiot had to break into the sheep barn (and other facilities in that area) and vandalize it...so Dr. Apple decided that for the students' safety, all remaining lamb watches would be canceled. I am still trying to figure out what I need to do to make it up. He said I could come by on Saturday, but I already had plans and I need more details anyway. Come by and what?...Back to the actual events of the weekend....

Chase arrived Friday night. I watched my long-awaited valentine's day present (which was an adorable video he made to "I Would Walk 500 Miles"). Next we journeyed to the Malco Razorback 6, which now accepts credit cards, for the 9:45 showing of the Ghost Rider. Ok...I admit, we should have gone to see 23...but it looked scarier so I pushed for Ghost Rider, which was a bit pointless, but "fun." They definitely could have done a better job with it. Oh well. Movie date = good!

12:05 Tennessee basketball game. Even though we lost, I still had fun. I'm not much of a sports person, but basketball is better than football. I would rather go hiking than any sport though...After the game, we finished up Mai Hime (anime) and went to wal-mart. Steak for dinner, my treat. yummy steak. After dinner we watched The Russians are Coming, which is a very cute movie about a Russian submarine that accidentally runs ashore and gets stuck on an American beach. Chaos ensues.

Amanda said she had too much homework to go with us to church so Chase and I went by ourselves. It would have been the first time Chase and Amanda had seen each other since the breakup. Maybe it wasn't quite time for that. Paul's sermon was just as good as it usually is. He covered Matthew 18: 1-6, the story of the disciples arguing over who would be greatest in the Kingdom only to have Jesus explain the greatest in the Kingdom is the one who serves others with humility. Ouch. It's funny, for as long as I've been attending Calvary Chapel, we've been slowly making our way through Matthew. I wonder if we'll finish it by the time I graduate. Next year's BSF study is Matthew as well. So it'll be Matthew out the wazoo, but that's not a bad thing.

After church we had lunch in the quad...I have less than ten flex dollars left now. Haha, I really don't mind using all my flex on friends' lunches especially not Chase and Brooke even though I'm running out of flex prematurely. It just means I'll eat less junk food and drink less cappucino - certainly not a bad thing. After lunch, we went to the Illinois State Baseball game. We arrived in time to miss a couple of boring innnings. Poor Arkansas, the first 6 innings we didn't score a single run. During the 7th inning, Illinois was winning 7-1. All of the sudden, Arkansas comes back with 7 runs in the 8th inning, and it becomes a very exciting game. After the game, we headed back to the quad to warm up for a little while before going to Taco Bell. After that, a very exhausted Chase started back to LR. Haha, I'm exhausted too, but it was worth it. Movies, steak, basketball, baseball, anime, and tacos all in one weekend...

Now I have to work my rear off to catch up - mostly just studying for my next round of tests (3 next week) and a little bit of homework. I did really well on my last tests - 90% parasitology, 100% horse production, 100% animal physiology. I worked pretty hard on those, so I guess it was good to have a break from studying. Haha, maybe I put in too much effort on Horse prod and physiology...in parasitology I definitely wormed by with the minimum amount of effort.

Anyway, I hope everyone is in good health and avoids getting the cold/flu going around. Cheers! Have a great week! Posted by Picasa


Look at this! It's the 8th inning and we scored 7 runs. Haha, why couldn't we have scored the first 6 innings? It was a very exciting game during the last couple of innings.

Final score. Posted by Picasa


We lost....it was very sad.

Is it going to make it?

Myranda! Posted by Picasa

20 February 2007

Try #2 - I forgot to copy my text...darn it

This is the cover page for my scrap-binder of my junior year of college. Very mature looking, eh? Haha. Traci Ann's blog freebie "Funky Mini" was just tooo cute not to use....and then Meredith Fenwick's Valentine's day freebie doodle was really cute too...so I put them all on this page ^_^ It's very convenient scrapping letter sized pages...I can print them in the lab instead of using my ink...ok...it's not the best quality printout, but I don't have to pay for it (well technically I already did in student fees)...

Ok...time to study like a crazy person! Hasta luego! Posted by Picasa

18 February 2007

Try #4 - this is getting ridiculous...at least I figured out I should copy my text before even trying to post....

So, Michelle and Paul got married on Friday! Congrats guys!

I went through all the effort of putting up a bunch of pics...but blogger wouldn't work. So I've truncated it to one scrapbook page thing (by the way...everything is by Meredith Fenwick again, except for the envelope which is from Vintage Charm). I'm not sure why I used such random colors *shrugs* oh well.Michelle's wedding was a lovely and elegant black, white, and red themed wedding with a reception at a little Itailian restaraunt afterwards.

I was definitely glad to be able to attend and even more so to be her maid of honor. ^_^ I even bought a new black dress for the event.

Since Chase drove all the way to Harrison to go to the wedding with me, I spent most of the rest of the weekend with him. I *intended* to get homework done on Saturday...but I got distracted...whoops. Chase came over at 5:30ish and left around 2AM...Poor boy, he doesn't get to sleep in like I do after late nights. We watched a movie and some anime (yup...I'm still a dork).

Hehe...Really poor kid...his next day off isn't until Saturday....and Friday night he's staying all night helping me with lamb watch. haha, I thought I was going to be all by myself, but then Chase said he would come...then Brooke...then Megann...and then someone else from my sheep production class. So there will be five of us. Hopefully we'll be able to get some sleep, although I really want to see a lamb born. As his reward for staying in a smelly sheep barn to keep me company from 6PM friday to 6AM saturday, I'm in the process of buying 2 Tennesse vs UA tickets for Saturday (I'll pick them up on Tuesday)...We'll be tired and grumpy, but is a guy every too tired for college sports? I might be, but I'm looking forward to it anyway. It should be a good game ^_^

*yawns* I guess I should actually attempt to do my homework and get to bed at a reasonable hour. Cheers! Posted by Picasa

15 February 2007

Try # 2 at updating my blog...

Every thing on this page is from Meredith Fenwick.

Well...I hope everybody had a wonderful Valentine's day! I certainly had a great one ^_^ I finished all my recruiting calls before Chase arrived so I was fully able to enjoy our time together without worrying about them. Hooray! He built up my emergency chocolate supply, and we went to Chilli's (no wait!) and watched House of Flying Daggers until after 1am.

Random thoughts.

-It was snowing, and the snow was beautiful and sparkly.

-I get to see Chase tomorrow too! He's driving all the way to Harrison to meet me at Z and Paul's wedding. What a good boyfriend...and then he's driving alll the way back to LR the same night. Bleh...I'll ride with him if I can weasle out of the student panel's meeting with the dean (gah! meeting with the dean....I can't just skip it....) in time to catch a ride with Z's friends (Speaking of which...what time will that be?).

-I went shopping today and bought...stuff. -Michelle's getting married tomorrow!!!!!!! She will be my second friend from high school to get married, although I have to say Z and Paul make a great couple. ;) Congrats guys! I'll have to take some pictures of you two tomorrow!-After claiming I don't normally get homework...my teachers assigned me homework today. Heh...I guess I'll have to finish it.

-Maybe I'll go home (again)Really

Random thought
-Recently I read the story of the Midianites plot to destroy the Israelites by engaging sending their women to seduce the Israelite men into worshiping Baal-Peor (a fertility god...you can imagine how one would worship a fertility god...). Well, this didn't take much effort. God is very angry so he sends a plague. God commands Moses to kill the leaders and expose them in broad daylight so His anger won't burn against Israel. So Moses commands that the men who worshiped with the Midianite women must be put to death....This is the part that really gets me... An Israelite named Zimri chooses this time to bring a Midianite woman to his family "right before the eyes of Moses and the whole assembly of Israel" while they were weeping for the people that just got killed. Stupid. Anyway, Eleazar, Aaron's son, gets a spear and follows them into the tent and drives the spear through both of them - through the man's body and into the woman's. God is pleased with Eleazar's zeal for God's holiness so he stops the plague after 24,000 died. On God's command, Israeal kills all the Midianite women who had been with a man, men, and boys. The bible doesn't say how many Midianites died, but it says that 16,000 young women were taken as plunder...so you can imagine how many men and older women died. This story has stayed on my mind as an illustration of how serious sin is to God, and how I need to be careful in my own life not to take my own sin too lightly. So that's what's been on my mind lately.

Mostly though, I've been thinking about how much I like to spend all my time with a certain someone (and I'm shameless admitting it)^_^ Posted by Picasa

12 February 2007

Katie's Shopping Adventures

Dress #1 - the classic "little black dress" I bought this one for a wedding (I'm a bridesmaid and that's what she wanted us to wear). Flapper hat - I love this hat!

Every little dress needs a pair of shoes to match! Flat shoes are in style again, isn't that lovely? I certainly don't need the height, and heels are a killer...

Please ignore my dumb looking face. Pink rain coat! It's pink and it's water repellent, but mostly it's pink! It was only $30

I didn't really need this dress, but I really liked it. Chase helped me pick it out (sorta). Actually, he wanted me to purchase something different, but (as it is customary for girls to do) I ignored him and bought what I wanted anyway. <3 Someday, I'll buy a cheery, white skirt just to please him though. ;)

Ps...blogger is still being stupid! Upgrade me so I can write on my blog without using picassa!!! Posted by Picasa

05 February 2007

The lambs are coming!!! BAAAA

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Credits for the thing below (although probably not necessary for my blog)...Everything is Meredith Fenwick's except for the tear which is from a template chat with Amy Bleser. Notebook paper is from DST's Bring a friend chat..

I can't edit posts once they're made either..... Posted by Picasa

Blogger is retarded

Ok...I can no longer make posts without posting a picture via picassa. My dashboard won't work.

But I wish everyone a wonderful day. ^_^ Posted by Picasa

01 February 2007

Everything is from Michelle Coleman and laurie Barnhurst's Magic of Fall kit except the journal block which is from simple scrapbooks vintage artistry and the staples from DST's bring a friend chat. ^_^

Everything is from Michelle Coleman and laurie Barnhurst's Magic of Fall kit except the little swirl which is from Michelle Pearson's Flourish brushes. Posted by Picasa