31 January 2007

this is page 2!
All papers are from Trish Jones. The elements (brads and photo corners) are from DigiShopTalk's Bring A Friend Chat. ^_^ Posted by Picasa

This one is a bit dark..I'm not sure that I like it.All papers are from Trish Jones. The elements (brads, notebook paper, and photo corners) are from DigiShopTalk's Bring A Friend Chat. ^_^ Posted by Picasa

This one is a bit dark..i'm not sure that I like it.
All papers are from Trish Jones. The elements (brads, notebook paper, and photo corners) are from DigiShopTalk's Bring A Friend Chat. ^_^ Posted by Picasa

Megann did these for me! Credits follow:
"All papers are from Meredith Fenwick's Cowboy Baby except for the redone on the second page, which is from Good Day. The tags on the firstare Janel K's Chipboard Dates, and the screw is from Debbie Knorr'sFalling Forward. The beads on the second page are Gina Miller'sBedazzled Wires. The first page is a template from Cherpea, and thesecond is a template I modified from Misty Cato. And sadly, I too havebecome addicted to Traci Murphy drop shadows..." Posted by Picasa

30 January 2007

Brooke's album!

All papers, the stars, and the ribbons are from Ksharonk's school daze kit. The alpha if from her Sassy kit. The circle stitching is from Shabby Princess'Urban Kiwi kit. Posted by Picasa

22 January 2007

New Years Page 2

Everything comes from various Ksharonk kits..except the little metal hear which comes from zazou. Posted by Picasa

21 January 2007

My hobby

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Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun

Everything is from various Ksharonk kits. ^_^ Posted by Picasa

20 January 2007

Something Other than Pictures...

Now that I've had my 2 days in each of my classes, I have some idea of how this semester will be as far as classes go. I'm going to have to put a fair amount of effort into maintaining good grades, but I'm really not too worried. My classes are harder than expected, but also more interesting...which makes up for the increase in difficulty.

My Classes - if anyone cares.
History of the American People Since 1877 - I'm not one to really enjoy history, but I love this class so far. We will have 3 exams (map, midterm, and final) and three quizzes over required reading. That's not too bad. I'm going to have to study a lot, but the instructor is a fantastic lecturer and so far I've really enjoyed listening. So history this year is a pleasant surprise. I won't be quite such an embarrassment to the US in regards to how much I know about my country after this class. Ha! I'll even know all my capitals and their general location within the state.

Biochemistry - My enjoyment of this class so far has been a total shock. Normally I hate chemistry classes, but so far the instructor has made it very interesting. He's starting with extreme basic concepts and explaining them in an understandable and amusing manner. For instance, he says that humans are like electrons: if they're not part of a pair, they're looking for someone so they can be a pair. If you're already part of a pair, you're not interested in reacting (aka hooking up with someone). I actually find myself smiling instead of drooling on my desk or drawing mindless doodles during a chemistry class. Crazy.

Honors Thesis Proposal Development - Dr. Heitararchy is also very interesting to listen to. I feel like this class is going to be extremely useful. I have a mentor and a project for my thesis work, but I am clueless as to how to start writing the proposal. Basically, Dr. H. is going to take me by the hand and walk me through the whole process. *Sigh of relief* This class is the 19th hour I'm taking, but it's completely going to be work it. My thesis project probably isnt' the most exciting project I could do (even though I'm excited about it), it will at least help me to get my foot in the door of the research world. It's a good starting project to walk me through the process, and it sounds cool. Knowing how to write successful proposals will definitely be a useful skill for the future. Random tidbit: there was a year or so that I wanted to be a research vet. Maybe I'll like researching and pursue that.

Horse Production - This may sound like an easy class, but I assure you it's will not be easy. Dr. Jack's classes are always involved and somewhat intense, but I always love them. This year I'm going to learn some emergency horse care, all sorts of pregancy related tests (Milk Calcium test, Pre-Parurition exams etc), imprint training for foals, record keeping, artificial insemination techniques, ultrasound uses and techniques, and regular horse care skills. I'm also going have to spend a couple of nights in the barn watching for a mare to start foaling and assist if necessary. I'm extremely excited about all the skills I'm going to learn - all good stuff for my vet school application. Also, I really want to see a foal born and take its first steps.

Animal Physiology II - Although I enjoy the subject, this class is going to be my most boring class.

Parasitisms of Non-Herbivores - Studying parasites...what could be more interesting than disgusting bugs and worms that eat an animal slowly? Ok...maybe it's not normal to enjoy this class as much as I do, but I find this class really interesting. It's a tough course, but I have it on good authority that it is extremely useful in vet school. The course is actually similar in content to what vet students take (according to Dr. Powell).

Sheep Production - I was actually tempted to drop this class to put my hours back down to a reasonable 17hours, but after the first class I was hooked. I'm going to gain a lot of practical skills handling and raising sheep. I'm also going to get some practice with ultrasound. Sheep are the dumbest of all the farm animals, but at the same time they're very special to me. A sheep will hide any signs of illness until it can't anymore, and by then it's probably too late to save them. So to raise sheep, one has to take a proactive approach to their health. Skills learned with sheep in that regard will apply to the care of other animals and teach one to be a more attentive animal caretaker. Plus, they're darn cute. Add one more night in the barn to my schedule. Although I'm determined to see a lamb born so if one doesn't happen on my night...well i'm going to be a very tired young lady toward the end of the semester.

Ambassadors - stupid one hour internship credit. I'm not exactly thrilled about ambassadors this semester. It's not that I don't like it...it's just that the meetings are depressing. I love talking to students who are thinking about being in the AFLS college because I've enjoyed my time here so much.

08 January 2007