29 November 2006

To do lists

This week...
  • Repro physiology study guide on cattle management
  • Study physiology
  • write psychology paper
  • Write out what to study in Psycho so i can sell book
  • Study Parasitology like a mad person
  • Do my bible study lesson
  • Pre-vet meeting (wed)
  • Ambassador Christmas party (thurs)
  • Meeting with the Dean (friday)
  • Night club dance lesson? (sunday)
  • SELL BOOKS. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Stare stupidly at tree
  • Shop for christmas presents using book money.
  • Wrap those presents
  • Enjoy how they look under the tree
  • Survive finals

Christmas break
  • Australia this summer or no?
  • Study for GRE (aka...what's this algebra stuff again? Did they get that word from balderdash???)
  • Work on Vet school application
  • Make ginger bread creation with Annie and Meredith
  • Take naps
  • Walk the dog
  • Digital scrapbook
  • Florida and Branson with the family
  • Cook stuff
  • Visit Brooke? or make her visit me....
  • Christmas party?
Presents to buy...
  • Annie
  • Megann
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • George
  • Amanda
  • Amy
  • Uncle Bo
  • Grandpa Burt and Grandma Louise?
  • Nannie and Papa?
  • Meredith (had it for a while now)
  • Myranda
  • Cheryl
  • Chelsey
  • Brooke
  • Mom - sorta...

1 comment:

mrb said...

whew! you can make it!!!

alright christmas break!