30 November 2006

More snow pictures!

Chelsey and Me

Chelsey jumped in for the shot!Haha! Posted by Picasa

It's snowing!!!


Chelsey rockets down a hill! Posted by Picasa

29 November 2006

To do lists

This week...
  • Repro physiology study guide on cattle management
  • Study physiology
  • write psychology paper
  • Write out what to study in Psycho so i can sell book
  • Study Parasitology like a mad person
  • Do my bible study lesson
  • Pre-vet meeting (wed)
  • Ambassador Christmas party (thurs)
  • Meeting with the Dean (friday)
  • Night club dance lesson? (sunday)
  • SELL BOOKS. YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Stare stupidly at tree
  • Shop for christmas presents using book money.
  • Wrap those presents
  • Enjoy how they look under the tree
  • Survive finals

Christmas break
  • Australia this summer or no?
  • Study for GRE (aka...what's this algebra stuff again? Did they get that word from balderdash???)
  • Work on Vet school application
  • Make ginger bread creation with Annie and Meredith
  • Take naps
  • Walk the dog
  • Digital scrapbook
  • Florida and Branson with the family
  • Cook stuff
  • Visit Brooke? or make her visit me....
  • Christmas party?
Presents to buy...
  • Annie
  • Megann
  • Mom
  • Dad
  • George
  • Amanda
  • Amy
  • Uncle Bo
  • Grandpa Burt and Grandma Louise?
  • Nannie and Papa?
  • Meredith (had it for a while now)
  • Myranda
  • Cheryl
  • Chelsey
  • Brooke
  • Mom - sorta...

28 November 2006

27 November 2006

Best bath ever - and i'm not even playing!

Phew, about a year ago Amanda bought me a little set of burt's bees products. Well today for some odd reason seemed like the perfect time to use the bath salts. whoa. BEST BATH EVER! Relaxing in a hot, eucalyptus-y/minty bath = ultimate relaxation. Why in the world didn't I use them earlier?


Interesting piece of jewelry by Amy...I love it.  Posted by Picasa

The other side of the glass Posted by Picasa

Brooke's christmas present...I hope she doesn't read my blog... Posted by Picasa

26 November 2006

Snow-ram...gift from someone in my art class Posted by Picasa

Another Waller's Chapel ornament Posted by Picasa

Santa from Wallers Chapel. Posted by Picasa

memory from highschool... Posted by Picasa

New fishy!  Posted by Picasa

Old bell Posted by Picasa

Present from Meme many years ago Posted by Picasa

Tree topper! Posted by Picasa

butterfly! Posted by Picasa

Pretty bird Posted by Picasa

My Chrismas tree! Posted by Picasa

20 November 2006

Done (short for "Always gets her done") has a gorgeous face.... Posted by Picasa

We hunted a deer! (sorta...tripped over it is closer to the truth).. Posted by Picasa

Wahoo! Random stopped on the side of the road adventure... Posted by Picasa

Brooke and her Felicity (right). Done is on the left.... Posted by Picasa

Smoochin! Ha! who needs boys when there are horses! Posted by Picasa

One of the earliest pics of me and felipe....he's so tiny... Posted by Picasa