31 October 2006


Ouch. I've never felt the urge to study for a standardized test before, but that algebra I took so many years ago should be reviewed. And the vocab on the GRE...I think they got the words from Balderdash. Not so cool. I feel like an idiot.

26 October 2006

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23 October 2006


I've pretty much decided not to study pschology ever again. Why? I studied less than 30 minutes for this last one and still pulled through. My animal science classes? Ha...i probably should just hope I don't die of a vitamin E defieciency from never seeing the sun again....that's a little dramatic, but they do require studying. What was I doing on the computer?...I didn't mean to update my blog...ah. I remember *prints paper for psychology.* Hasta luego.

19 October 2006

A ha!

In an active effort to avoid studying my psychology, I have decided to update my blog.

So Megann's trying to get me involved in digital scrapbooking...could be fun...

Update for the week:
  • Allergies....need I say more? Bring on the antihistimines and decongestants....
  • I've spent more time with the worms at the lab this week than with my boy friend....Hello Ostertagia ostertagi and Trichostongylus axei, nice to meet you...but I'm afraid I'm going to get you confused with all the other nematodes...and I have a boyfriend so I can't date you (this is called Post-I-Spent-HOURS-looking-at-worms insanity, please ignore).
  • Take vitamins...it's easier than trying to get the recommended amount of meat when you live on cafeteria food.
  • I've learned more about spermatogenesis than most men know...thank you Reproductive Physiology. On that note, the pharmacists don't know much about physiology...for instance...what happens to all the oocytes that aren't ovulated while women are on the pill? If they don't ovulate at all, do women on the pill for an extended amount of time go into menopause later- (I'm guessing probably not)??? I guess no follicle forms either???
  • I can't avoid psychology anymore...i should at least look at it before midnight...

Love you Mer...you're in my prayers!

04 October 2006

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01 October 2006

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