30 August 2006

sarcastic look Posted by Picasa

Four eyes... Posted by Picasa

I have glasses now...so i can read the board... Posted by Picasa

Good picture of jeremy!!...and a fourth of my face... Posted by Picasa

I like big butts, and i cannot lie... Posted by Picasa

23 August 2006

My bulletin board featuring my necklaces and football tickets... along with pictures of my friends Posted by Picasa

My pretty pictures... that don't really match my quilt, but i like them anyway Posted by Picasa

The turtle quilt! My bookshelf was $12 at Lowes...only problem was i had to move the shelf from where it was supposed to go. But i'm not afraid of a hammer. Posted by Picasa

My dorm room! Posted by Picasa

15 August 2006

thinking about painting... Posted by Picasa

Gnarly Bristle Cone Pine Posted by Picasa

13 August 2006

Biggest tree in the world! how cool is that! Posted by Picasa

Footprint of the General Sherman Posted by Picasa