10 July 2006

Working Computer!

Hooray! Travis fixed my computer! Go Travis with your awesome computer skillz. Apparently Dell sent me a faulty refurbished RAM stick. Everytime computer would try to use a particular part of the RAM it would fail, computer would crash, and blue screen would appear. Unfortunately, all the crashing/messing up RAM caused a windows file to go poo...thus forcing me to reformat my harddrive. See Dell! It was hardware again! That sorta makes three. Mom and Dad are really pressuring me to ask for a replacement computer. *shrugs* But if it's just this little stick that's the problem... i'm fine with this one.

In other news. Work has been great lately; everybody has been cheerful and happy. I can hardly wait for vet school!!! I'm excited about school starting and YOSEMITE!!!!!! cool plants! cool animals! big trees!!! MILES OF HIKING ADVENTURES! Lions! Tigers! Bears! Trees! Oh my! I've never been to California before (unless you count the nights I spent on a bench in the LA airport - i don't think that counts)!

I finished house sitting for Meg. Nothing major happened. Mia got loose in the house once. Gracie tried to kill her....so Mia ran upstairs and peed on my half-asleep cousin in Meg's bed.

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