31 May 2006

Too bad it had to end..

This weekend was uber-tatstic.  Riverfest was an absolute blast.  Train, Switchfoot, The Neville Brothers, that random band I can never remember the name of, and The Doobie Brothers all performed (and that’s not even HALF of all the groups who performed).  Meredith and I really enjoyed it.  The Neville Brothers and Switchfoot were my favorites.  The Doobies would have been awesome, but we couldn’t really see them from where we were.  The last night Megann, Leah, and Jeremy joined us.  Fun, fun, fun.  

Jeremy came to visit Sunday – Tuesday.  He survived our family get together and had a pretty good time.   He wasn’t too uncomfortable here.  Now it’s my turn to go to Missouri.    


Megann said...

would the random band be Lifehouse, by any chance?

Crazy Little Monkey said...

oh yeah... that's it. lifehouse

Jer said...