22 May 2006

Random ramble about summer projects.

There was nothing for me to do so I got off early today! I made dinner, which involved a certain shoving of the mother out of the kitchen. "No! I can handle it. Go sit down!" Which generally resulted in a shocked look. Shoo shoo shoo! Chicken spaghetti, green beans, and bread. Not bad at all. Maybe less Rotel... the family complained about it being too spicy.

All the materials for the turtle quilt have been gathered from batting to binding. I just have to finish piecing it now... only 4 more turtle to hand sew then it's all machine from then on... well except the binding... and the knotting. I bought nice batting *girly smile* It was twice as expensive, but it's not like the cheap stuff that falls apart and gets really thin in some areas. I like it!

After the turtle quilt is finished, it will be acceptable for me to start the T-shirt quilt, which should be a hop, skip, and a jump compared to the Turtle quilt. The border thing could be a bit of a bugger, but i have a plan for that: rotary cutter. I'm putting a 2" border around the t-shirts. So first... we'll sew strip-tee-strip-tee-... then well sew the strip/tee row to a long strip then sew that to another stip/tee alternating row. Makes sense to me. Maybe i'll draw a diagram. I must be really bored. It's basically going to be 77" x 90" (about twin size... just a bit wider though...).

More good news = a certain someone might come visit me on Sunday. *happy dance*

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