05 May 2006

I have no idea what's going on

I've decided that life is completely insane.  Comprehension is impossible.  Things have finally slowed down here.  A normal life is not to be achieved.  I’m an odd Christian… I’m an odd girl… I don’t fit any of the stereotypes.  Nobody does;  what’s the point of them anyway?  So here’s to you!  Lol.  Myranda, you’re a fantastic woman of God.  Lisa, you’re gorgeous (His beautiful creation).  Megann, you’re a wonderful friend to me and wonderful just the way you are.  Jeremy, you’re my dreamer and more than a friend, but most importantly my friend.  Chase and Amanda, you are my dear companions.  Meredith and Annie, you are always, always there for me if ever I call.  Brooke, Tif, and Lindsey, you make classes more fun!  All my BSF girls, you are my sanity.  Hugs to everybody.  

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