21 May 2006

Ah. stupid wires.

Well... i was unsure whether or not the job at Westrock would come through. My first day was Wednesday. I've been basically working full time ever since. I put in 30 hours last week (and i only started last wednesday). And i'm putting in 40 this week. *yawns* I'm tired already. My schedule might be a little less busy starting next week. I'm just glad i have next saturday off. It's still frustrating because i'm so new at the job. We're a bit overstaffed, so i feel a bit useless and in the way a lot of the time. It should get better as I learn how to do everything... like use the autoclave. Next week I know i have monday off! So that means I have a three day weekend! Hooray!!

It really stinks that I haven't really had time to see my friends...give me a call sometime and we'll plan something.

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