27 April 2006

Uh oh...

Uh oh... I'm in trouble! I have a test tomorrow and I'm having a really hard time caring at all. There was a lot going on today. Jayson and Matt's party! Spring Festival thing! Fun stuff! Jousting! Velcro wall! Cotton candy! Swing the hammer and hit the bell thing (i was soo close!!). Guys are so much stronger than girls. I was sooo close to ringing the bell the first time! Then i couldn't even get it 5 inches... sad. The guys could ring the bell with only a little bit of effort.

Ok... i guess i should read about BLUP and breeding strategies... Blah... Breeding and Genetics! only 3 more days of you! only 3 more days!

Good news! A vet might hire me. That would be soooo amazing!! It's a bit of a drive, but my mom works in WLR so we could eat lunch together. Oh I hope this works out!

Special hugs to my family, Myranda, Lisa, Megann, Amanda, Jeremy, Kian-cha!, and Mer-bear!

1 comment:

mrb said...

Yay! I like special hugs...

Oh, and good skills of a fighter there. ;)