30 April 2006

Me and Mom Posted by Picasa

Mom! Posted by Picasa

28 April 2006

Roomie bonding time! Posted by Picasa

"stupid girls" look... Posted by Picasa

The attack begins Posted by Picasa

Umm.. Posted by Picasa

He tries to escape Posted by Picasa

Oh how the mighty have fallen Posted by Picasa

I won't give up!! Posted by Picasa

I'm captured!!! Posted by Picasa

Ok... maybe i will give up.... Posted by Picasa

Boogie Wonderland!

Dance! Boogie Wonderland!

*parades through room*

Sound fly through the night
I chase my vinyl drams to boogie wonderland
I find romance when I start to dance in boogie wonderland
I find romance when I start to dance in boogie wonderland

All the love in the world can’t be gone
All the need to be loved can’t be wrong
All the records are playing
And my heart keeps saying
Boogie wonderland, wonderland
Dance boogie wonderland
Dance boogie wonderland

27 April 2006

Uh oh...

Uh oh... I'm in trouble! I have a test tomorrow and I'm having a really hard time caring at all. There was a lot going on today. Jayson and Matt's party! Spring Festival thing! Fun stuff! Jousting! Velcro wall! Cotton candy! Swing the hammer and hit the bell thing (i was soo close!!). Guys are so much stronger than girls. I was sooo close to ringing the bell the first time! Then i couldn't even get it 5 inches... sad. The guys could ring the bell with only a little bit of effort.

Ok... i guess i should read about BLUP and breeding strategies... Blah... Breeding and Genetics! only 3 more days of you! only 3 more days!

Good news! A vet might hire me. That would be soooo amazing!! It's a bit of a drive, but my mom works in WLR so we could eat lunch together. Oh I hope this works out!

Special hugs to my family, Myranda, Lisa, Megann, Amanda, Jeremy, Kian-cha!, and Mer-bear!

Jeremy and random guy Posted by Picasa

Kaboom!!! Posted by Picasa

Spanked... Posted by Picasa

Take that!! Posted by Picasa

Whack! Posted by Picasa

velcroed to the wall Posted by Picasa

velcro- wall Posted by Picasa

Jack and Alex Posted by Picasa

Matt! Posted by Picasa

Myranda and I duke it out...she won Posted by Picasa

My door! I made Myranda door decorations today. I hope she like them. ^_^ Posted by Picasa

26 April 2006

hmm... Posted by Picasa

new profile pic for face book Posted by Picasa

25 April 2006

Rainy, rainy

It's a rainy old day...Hooray for friends.

"And in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures.

For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed. "
- the prophet

23 April 2006

flower power! Posted by Picasa