06 March 2006

Hooray for real food!

I'm feeling much better! I'm actually off the BRAT diet! Yay.

Not to be read in a whiny manner:
It's hard getting close to people... I sometimes think "Maybe if they knew the real me, they wouldn't like me anymore." or "I'll get on their nerves if I act like myself." I'm not sure that I actually get on anyone's nerves (except of course the roomie's, but that's just because we live together), but somehow it's a thought that stays in my head. I'm fairly high energy. I'm afraid that my hyperness gets on people's nerves. I guess i'm just paranoid. I was so lonely at the beginning of semester, but I've finally adjusted to this year's circle of friends. I have some people I can really talk to and really love to be around. I feel really called just to love the people around me. I think God has so much of a better life for my friends, if only they'd let Him in. Even if they don't ever come to have a relationship with God, I still love them. I'm so self-centered. This week I'm going to focus on loving others just for the sake of loving them instead of wanting to be loved.

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