27 February 2006

hello, goodbye

Oh tummy! Oh tummy!
Why so darn crummy?
Dorm's food is un-yummy....
This really ain't funny!

Poetry of the Monkey who really shouldn't ever drink cappucino.

Crazy life! Crazy life! *Takes a nap*

Bible lesson makes it better. I can be somewhat of a couch potatoe Christian! Time to get off the sofa! UP! UP! UP! Genesis is awesome. I love all the applicable lessons from the histories.

Lesson for the Day.... Bum, bum, bum (can you stand the excitement?????)...
Random story from Genesis 26!

The Philistines stopped up all Isaac's wells after Abraham died. So he dung another well, but each time he dung a new one the Gerar shepherd step in and say "hey, that's my well... go away." But Isaac simply moved on and tried at a new location. He named them Esek and Sinah (dispute and opposition) until finally he dug Rehoboth ("room") and no body disputed it. He went from location to location until God finally provided room for him even though he faced opposition. He was like the little engine that could. Then others saw (the very people who had persecuted him) that God was with him in everything. So they asked to make a treaty with him. Low and behold... where I would have said..."go away you greedy theives," Isaac made them a feast and swore and oath to them, and they left in peace. Then, God provided yet another well.

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