16 February 2006

Busy, busy...I should be studying.

GAh. Test tomorrow... not going to be fun... i think I'll skip some classes to study for it. Hmmm this sounds like a good plan...-_- I should be studying pero no quiero estudiar. Me gustan los caballos. Me gusta Dan. Dan is the man. I had my second riding lesson today with Dan. We trotted. Exciting. Posting will come at a later date; for now, we only trotted to get the feel of trotting (bounce, bounce, bounce... i wasn't very graceful...). Poor Dan. I feel like it's animal cruelty to make the old fellow trot; his joints crack. Lol... apparently the owner of the farm adores Dan. You can bash her, you can bash the farm, but if you say something about Dan...say good bye. I really should study now... i'm sick of Organic.... please... no more Sn1 or Sn2 or aromatic or mechanisms or whatever... who needs organic... i don't want to be a vet... i'll just...um.....well...*tries to think of another profession...scratches head *...wash the essence of horse off and then .....study.....o...r...g...a..n...i...c....(notice the apparent dread).

I wish I had carried around my camera today. Brooke took me to see the cremello colt. He's funny looking. Poor guy. He's in his ugly stage (his head looks like a goat's head). Oh, cremellos are white with pinkish skin and blue eyes. When crossed with a bay, the offspring will always be a buckskin. When crossed with a sorrel (or chesnut), the offspring will always be a palomino. Which sale really well. Plus he's got a star performer ancestry. Unfortunately his first offspring will probably be born Spring 08... the semester I graduate (so i may or maynot see them). There were lambs in the neighboring pen.... SO CUTE! They're just a week or so old and about as big as my dog. I picked one up and held him for a while.... so cute! Such aldorable little black things. *big girly smile*

I love animal science. My favorite classes are Nutrition and my horse class. We're going over body conformation in Intro to the Equine industry. I'll never look at the horse the same again.... welll... this horse has terrible pasterns....no slope at all.. like pogo sticks... and runs downhill... blah, blah ,blah.

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