17 January 2006

Phase 10 and music reedumacation

Last night the peeps on my floor and I played Phase 10 and ate yummy pizza. Hooray for social people! Jannae and I went to all the open doors on my floor to try to get people to play (since the people I normally hang out with refused to leave their computers *sticks out tongue at them*). Much fun. At some point in the game, Jannae and Jeremy decided I needed “cool” music. Thus begins “Katie’s Music Reeducation.” I don’t think it’s working… with the program (iMesh – completely legal and free!) they put on my computer I’ve downloaded Johann Strauss stuff and Enigma etc etc…

*sigh* I miss all the peeps who are really big into the computer games though. It's not like i've divorced them as friends. It's just that computer games are so lonely...just you and the screen. I know that you can "talk" to people on them, but that's not the same as sitting around a table laughing and joking together. Video games are not real! That's why Phase 10 is so much fun. Therefore, this school year I've made a lot of friends who like to go out and do stuff and can do so at a moment's notice. I still love the old friends along with the new. :) My interests have changed...some of the things I enjoyed last school year hold no pleasure for me this year.

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