30 January 2006


Hey... ok... just out of curiosity, how many people read my blog? I know of dad, meredith, annie(maybe), and Megann... Anybody else out there?


mrb said...

If you get a statcounter you can spy on who is reading....muhahahah. For example, I have a few regular readers in the Netherlands, Canada, and Singapore...which is...weird.

mrb said...

Statcounter.com. Free and nice, as far as I understand. If you do it, you can click on the blog on the statcounter page and it pulls up a nice frequency graph. Then if you click on "visitor paths" in the left-hand menu, you can see where (e.g., Anderson, IN, Singapore, etc) people are reading your blog. Ohhhhh, spyage! ;)

Lasagna King said...

I read